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The Oct. 21 storm that had tornadic winds and hit parts of the Wagoner area did a ton of damage to Dr. Harman’s Dentist Office just south of Walgreens.

“It peeled our roof back and (rain) poured in all over,” said Amy Harman, wife of Dr. Aaron Harman and office manager of the dental facility.

Storms are sometimes unpredictable in what gets damage and what escapes. This was the case for Dr. Harman’s office.

The Walgreens just north of the office sustained little damage compared to the dentist office.

The Harmans have gotten support from their staff, friends and other businesses during this trying time. This dental office has served Wagoner for 17 years.

The Harmans have vowed to rebuild bigger and better than before. The dental team is contacting patients and offering ways to help while rebuilding is going on.

“I know exactly what they are going through,” said Judy Bryant, who was a dental office manager for her husband, Dr. Gary Bryant when he practiced in Wagoner.

“Our main concern is patient care,” said Amy. “Their care is our main concern and trying to figure out how to take care of them.”

The storm has slowed the business, but not the resolve to get back on track.

“We are rebuilding as quickly as possible,” Amy added. “Step by step it will piece back together.”

Dr. Harman’s staff is working diligently to contact patients in order to reschedule and are available to offer help in dental emergency situations.