Letter to the Editor

I’m beyond grateful for the city of Coweta. Having a child graduate last year, we got to experience all the “lasts” and couldn’t believe how we felt our world got turned upside down because our graduation date was moved up one day due to storms.

This year has been so different. It seems as though milestone after milestone is cancelled, and for that we have mourned. The “what might have beens” have consumed our thoughts the past few weeks.

The incredible amount of people who showed up for the May 17 Graduates Parade was impressive. It was surely not what I thought would happen.

I don’t even know what my expectations really were, but I think maybe I couldn’t see past my own disappointments.

As spectator after spectator called my daughter out by name, I could see the joy in her smile grow. At one point, she asked me who “that” was. I told her I had no clue. It was then that she realized the crowd was calling her by name because her name was on the side of my Jeep.

While it was funny, it brought tears to my eyes to see that many people cheer for a kid they didn’t know – my kid.

Good really is all around us if we take the time to see it. I am incredibly grateful for the good in our hometown.

Mandy Horner