American-Tribune (copy)

I was riding my bike down SE 6th street the other day and noticed how nice the street had been repaired. The workers had removed the bad areas, then replaced them with concrete. A very good job!

My question is: Why can’t repairs like that be done on Cherokee? I am sure that 6th does not have the traffic like Cherokee. It has the most traffic in Wagoner other than 69 high way.

It is to the point now that cars/trucks are trying to dodge the holes. Just patching the holes WILL NOT GET IT!!!

Readers, are you with me?

Ronald G. Dollar

Editor’s Note: The City of Wagoner is in the process of making repairs to all streets. Cherokee is part of the plan, but it is also part of the Streetscape project that will beautify, repair and upgrade Wagoner’s most used street. There have been Federal and State delays concerning the Cherokee project, but work will begin in the near future and, by the looks of the plans, will be worth the wait.