American-Tribune (copy)

During the past weeks the County of Wagoner went through some really long hard days. We had calls from many citizens who were concerned about their homes, property and animals.

I just want to say that the Wagoner County Emergency Management team acted on each and every call with great professionalism and speed. I was honored to be involved with this great team and can tell you that there was no yelling or fighting inside the command center. When a problem was identified or brought to the attention of the EM team everyone was included in the brainstorming to come to a safe and effective solution.

I know that most citizens have no idea how many emergencies or how serious these emergency situations where but this team acted with every citizens safety and best interest in mind!! Although most of you will go on with your normal lives remember that this team is now required to file all FEMA paperwork and begin the recovery phase.

What an honor to live in the Great State of Oklahoma and better yet GREEN COUNTRY!! #OKLAHOMASTRONGANDUNITED

Michael Bell

Coweta Police Chief