2019-10-09 wcat-jim marsh

Jim Marsh, far left, receives his plaque of appreciation for his years of service to Wagoner’s Legion Post 153 during a recent ceremony. LEGION PHOTO FOR THE AMERICAN-TRIBUNE

Jim Marsh has been an American Legion member since 1967.

However, when Marsh moved from Minnesota to Oklahoma, he wanted to re-connect with his Legion “brothers.” So, he attended a gathering at Wagoner’s Legion Post 153.

It wasn’t long after that first encounter that Marsh was named adjutant in the fall of 2004 and added finance officer to his Legion resume in 2005.

“I wanted to join (a Legion Post) and at the first meeting I was made adjutant,” said Marsh.

Marsh took his duties seriously.

For all that Marsh has done, Post 153 honored him with a plaque of appreciation.

“They gave me a plaque for doing my job,” Marsh said. “I was very surprised. They are a great bunch of guys to work with.”

Post 153 helps vets in need, coordinates holiday ceremonies and is very active in the community.

The Post handles the veteran grave markers to hold mini-flags. This year the Post may also handle the Veteran’s Day Parade. The decision has not been finalized, but if approved the Post will give their best effort to honor all veterans in a manner in which they deserve.

If it does take over the parade, Marsh told of the details of organizing a parade, which includes finding insurance for it among all the other things.

The Post has to do fundraising to pay for expenses, too. Each year, they inventory veteran graves to make sure there will be a flag for each marker. That means buying the needed flag holder and attaching it to the marker.

They also help veterans who need help paying heating or electric bills.

Marsh knows the value of what the Legion Post does and hopes to continue its work for years to come.

Marsh was best summed up by this description from someone close to Post 153.

“He is such at tremendous asset to our Post in many ways. This type of service is demanding. He also was given his 20 year membership pin.”