Sixteen Coweta students have been selected as February Students of the Month at their respective campus locations. The youth and teens were honored by Coweta Public School administrators during a luncheon held Thursday, Feb. 13 at Mazzio’s Pizza.

Honorees were selected based upon excellence both in and out of the classroom.

Applauded for their achievements were Northwest Elementary 3rd Graders Laine Dooley and Foster Ward, Central Elementary 3rd graders Sabrina Johnson and Blayne Lutherbeck, Southside Elementary 3rd Graders Creede Kuester and Mikey Voyles and Heritage IGC 6th Graders Chesney Thompson and Carson Bindrum.

Others include Mission IGC 6th Graders Grayson McClurg and Rose Lawrence, Sloat Junior High 8th Graders Brooklyn Chronister and Miguel Aquino, Coweta I-High Freshmen Dylan Dodson and Drew Morris Caitlin Boone and Noah Stutzman and Coweta High School seniors Abirim Manns and Macey Plunk.

Congratulations to the honorees!