Wagoner Community Hospital

Wagoner Community Hospital

Wagoner Community Hospital is improving healthcare by bringing CuraVision’s TeleMedicine technology to the people of Northeast Oklahoma.

In the past, if a patient needed a referral to a specialist, it meant a delay of hours or even days to arrange that consultation. Today, through the implementation of Telemedicine, attending physicians can wheel a portable CuraVision telemedicine device to a patient’s location. Shortly thereafter, the attending physician and the specialist will conduct a virtual examination the same day.

Hospital officials say this cutting edge health service makes it possible to get the treatment one needs when it is needed. A patient’s examination with a fully qualified specialist through CuraVision improves the hospital’s ability to determine the nature and severity of a malady.

A patient can discuss their symptoms and ask questions that may be on his or her mind. The specialist will have questions for the patient and attending physician.

Currently, the system allows access to highly qualified staff members who are specialists in neurosurgery, neurology, pulmonary disease (lung specialist), critical care and infectious diseases. These are highly qualified Wagoner Hospital staff members.

The hospital has plans to add more specialists to the system in the future.

The virtual consultation is covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. WCH has partnered with Cura Digital Health Solutions to offer this service — the same organization providing TeleMedicine services to Wagoner Public Schools.

“The market we serve is too small to support full-time specialists like those available through CuraVision,” Wagoner Community Hospital Chief Executive Officer Jimmy Leopard said. “With this new telemedicine technology, patients at the hospital can be seen by a specialist in ‘real time’ just as if the physician were present in town.

“The availability of this technology is a part of Wagoner Community Hospital’s commitment to high-quality, affordable and convenient healthcare.”

Dr. Clint Baird, a neurosurgeon and CEO of Cura TeleHealth, said Cura TeleHealth and Wellness is committed to bringing the highest quality physicians to all areas of Oklahoma.

“Our goal is to allow patients to heal and receive the care they need while staying in their home towns,” Dr. Baird said. “Using CuraVision, in partnership with forward-thinking local hospitals, a patient can see the local doctor they know and trust and have access to many specialists, commonly only found in large urban areas — all from the comfort of a face time like interaction.”

For more information about the CuraVision TeleMedicine program, call the hospital at 918-485-5514.