The Wagoner Streetscape project committee met on Friday, April 12 to go over details about Phase I of the downtown sidewalk makeover that will not only add style, but create substance in the form of fixing some storm water management issues.

The committee met in what was labeled “Preliminary Plans 60 percent completion” and discussed in great detail what the streetscape will cost and what it will do.

As in any civic project, the cost was bandied about, too.

The city budget for the work from just west of Main and Cherokee and east to Cherokee and Casaver was slated for $925,862. The current estimated cost was $1.3 million as drawn up.

The first order of business was to decide what could either be cut or work done by the city. In many instances, the work by the city was adopted to shave cost.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) is sharing the cost of the project. However, any cost overages would be paid 100 percent by the city.

City officials were trying to balance what could be cut versus the city doing some of the work to save.

The meeting managed to whittle down the $145,000 deficit considerably and more will be done during the upcoming “90 percent completion” meeting later.

The bottom line was the letting of bids could possibly begin in November and streetscape work could start between January and March 2020.

There were some right of way issues to still be ironed out with the railroad. That will be addressed at the next meeting, too.

When completed, the new sidewalks, lamp posts and fixing the storm water situation will be a big improvement, officials said.

The cost and function of the new light poles was a detailed subject as well. Officials from the city wanted to make sure the lighting was the best for the money they had budgeted since they will have a multi-purpose.

The next meeting will take place in mid-June with the final plan meeting at the end of August.

Construction time will take five or six months for this project which puts completion around August or September 2020.

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