Good news from Florida for Wagoner’s toughest cowboy, Kaleb Dorr, who underwent two major leg surgeries recently and came through with flying colors.

Now, it’s on to physical therapy.

It seems like yesterday that the Dorr family got law enforcement escort as a send-off for this needed surgery at the Palm Beach Children’s Hospital.

Dorr has TAR Syndrome and the leg surgeries were needed to straighten and help them grow properly. The surgeries were handled by Dr. Dror Paley of the Paley Institute at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

The left leg was operated on first and took the most time, but the right leg needed much help, too. Kaleb’s mom, Kim, commented on the most recent surgery of June 24.

“The right leg was the most visibly ‘twisted’ and is now so straight!” Kim said. “Before surgery his right knee bent to the outside and his foot turned completely inside. His pain level has been a little more intense with the right leg, but he is saying today that it is starting to feel better.”

The Dorr family wished to thank everyone for the prayers and supportive comments during all of this. The family has one major wish now for Kaleb.

“We are praying and believing that all leg surgeries are DONE, that he won’t need any more to adjust/correct, and that he holds up strong in PT (physical therapy),” Kim added. “PT will more than likely be the hardest part of all of this, but he knows he has to work hard and push thru so he can get home to family, friends, our supportive community and his animals.”

Through all of this Kaleb has remained strong and positive. He even got a shout out during the Bob Feist Invitational rodeo in Guthrie by the arena announcer wishing him well.

“The amazing outpouring of love and support has left us speechless.” Kim said. “We can only say thank you because there are no words to justify how grateful we are for each and every one of you.”

Kaleb and family will remain in Florida as physical therapy begins the next step in this healing process.

Throughout the whole process, some Wagoner students and adults have been wearing blue support shirts honoring Kaleb.