Thirty-eight thousand dollars! That’s the amount of money that was raised in 90 minutes Saturday, Sept. 14 during the Coweta Band’s annual Pie Auction held in conjunction with the community’s 45th Annual Fall Festival celebration.

The auction had spirited cheers coming from the hundreds in attendance either as bidders or spectators as record setting pie bids kept inching higher and higher.

As auctioneer Mark Bates kept calling for bids in the thousands of dollars, even more people stopped by to watch the excitement.

“Coweta is such an incredible community!” Head Band Director Chris Koehn posted on his social media page. “In about an hour and a half, the town gave $38,000 to the band program. It is an amazing experience to be associated with this town, this school and this group of wonderful band kids and families. Thanks, Coweta!”

Coweta Band alumni Katheryn Shaw shared her own thoughts on the spectacular evening on Facebook.

“To live in a town where people pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for pies and other desserts to support their band is one of the coolest things ever!” she exclaimed. “It brought tears to my eyes knowing I’ve been on the receiving end of something this special for the last four years.”

Tara Megee said she knows what it’s like to be a band parent because she has been there. She knows what it’s like “to be giving of yourself, your time and soul to make sure every band member has what they needed to succeed.”

“Thank you to my hometown!” Megee exclaimed. “Thank you to the leaders of this band and the band members. Wow — $38,000!”

Among the highlights of the evening was when several public officials took pies in the face for items receiving such stellar bids. Taking it “on the face” were Coweta Police Chief Mike Bell, Coweta Fire Chief Greg Edwards, Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott and Wagoner County Commissioners James Hanning, Chris Edwards and Tim Kelley.

Mr. Koehn was creamed more than once as the band’s director.

Proceeds from the pie auction will help with band operations throughout the year, which includes a trip to the Bands of America Super Regional in Flagstaff, Ariz. later this month.