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Southside Elementary Principal Doug Flanary has released the school’s second semester perfect attendance awards and honor rolls.

Students named to the Superintendent’s Honor Roll maintained straight A’s in their studies. Honorees include:

Braylee Graham, Ty Keeler, Presley Voyles, Bradley Alburtus, Molly O’Dell, Parker Rooks, Jace Livingston, Clara Winter, Elliet Holmes and Teagen Powell.

Others include Trenton Rice, Evan Holmes, Cherish Hill, Liam Rapp, Jaxon Abel, Quan Combs, Nate Johnson, Hunter Wenaas, Ashlynn Stidham and Lyla Warren.

Also listed are Gavin Light, Creede Kuester, Gavin Bindrum, Kate Weaver, Emma Jennings, Koda Richo, Adrienne Ailey, Ruger Horawa, Mikey Voyles and Maddex Sutterfield.

Others include Gabrielle Whisman, Harper Miser, Chloe Hermesch, Bella Leach, Emalyn Poplin and Cooper Remmers.

Students named to the Principal’s Honor Roll had no grade lower than a “B”. Honorees are:

Colt Gray, Ben Price, Presley Stout, Fallon Ciancio, Rainey Morris, Abby Tennison, Elena Anderson, Owens Falls, Dro Rojo, Brooklyn Spears, Kellan Radcliff and Brylee Gipson.

Others include Victor Sanchez, Chase Vickers, Saylor Weber, Lilly Larsen, Orion Ritchie, Summer Day, Adalynn Whitaker, Hailee Wilson, Ryan Kimberly, Madison Houston, Alyssa Schoch and Isaac Wilkey.

Also listed are Hailey Palmer, Makenna Overholt, Laylah Tiger, Chase Bomboy, Maxx Lathem, Tarynn Shaffer, Remy Boggs, Octavian White, Keera O’Hern, Carmen Cosper, Kainsley Prosser and Raiden Poplin.

Others include Beau Conner, Trevin Morris, Karsten Noble, Lindsay Edge, Colt Conroy, Kortlyn Roat, McKinzie Hull, Taylor Smith, Trevor Caughman, Jayden Haring, Trenton Prettyman and Alyssa Scarborough.

Also listed are Marty Dishon, Grant Provencher, Alex Smith, Satina Miller, Shiloh Carter, Howie Knapper, Ava Lopez, Scarlett Horner, Kassi Savage, Shelby Burkett-Davis, Cooper Harmon, Trystin Stapleton, Landen Newell and Miranda Reynolds.

Masonic Students of Today are Kenlie Kilgore and Bentley Price and Masonic Teacher of Today is Kelli Voyles.

Students who achieved perfect attendance for the second semester are Nikolette Broyles, Emi Cole, Cambree Perryman, Keagan Perryman, Bailee Hamilton, Madison Houston, Nathaniel Johnson, Anniston Ledbetter, Caden Light and Gavin Light.

Other honorees are Addison Mashburn, Anna McKinney, Mason Melton, Emily Morris, Makenna Overholt, Memphis Overholt, Orion Ritchie, Caleb Soderstrom, Presley Stout and Harrison Xue.

Students who achieved perfect attendance for the full 2018-2019 school year are Bailee Hamilton, Anniston Ledbetter, Memphis Overholt, Harrison Xue and Caleb Soderstrom.