No one understood the plight of 141 Wagoner High School seniors better than Liz Woodson.

Woodson is the owner of The Red Rooster Bistro & Bakery, but has a son graduating from Northeastern State with very high honors. NSU like every other college, university or high school have switched to Plan B for the 2020 graduation in a vertual format.

Woodson wanted to do more than just feel sorry for the 2020 Bulldog seniors. She hatched a plan to make a unique goodie bag not just for one senior or 10 seniors, but 141 seniors!

The last 10 days have been a blur for Woodson. She coordinated with businesses to get items for the uniquely decorated gifts, and made one-of-a-kind graduation cap cookies complete with a tassel.

She had to design how the gift would look and got help from Oklahoma GraphX.

Then when the sponsors were on board it was time to bake and create.

Mary Woodson, Sophie Woodson, Katie Greene, Stephanie Willis, Samantha Willis, Abby Riggs, Heather Grimes Riggs and Autym Willis worked to make the cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzel sticks and chocolate candy in the shape of a diploma. Then, they packaged the boxes and made the deadline for the May 15 mini-graduation inside the Performing Arts Center.

“It was all volunteers to bless the seniors,” Woodson beamed. “We started off just to give cookies.”

Then sponsors like Wagoner’s Walmart, Oklahoma GraphX, Chill Out Shaved Ice, Wagoner’s Taco Bell and stepped up to make this a rousing success.

Another shout out has to go out to Ginger Luna of Wagoner High School. “She helped in the planning and organizing,” Woodson added.

Why do this for 141 young adults?

“We wanted to take the sting (of COVID-19) off it. They missed the prom, too,” Woodson said. “I wanted to do something to help these kids.”

If you saw the final product, you would say: “Mission accomplished.”