2019-11-13 wcat-vets honored

Wagoner Mayor Albert Jones, right, presents a certificate to honor veterans at the St. John Hospice at 205 N. Lincoln on Friday, Nov. 8. Joining Jones is Aarick Caldwell and Elizabeth Chapman. JOHN FERGUSON/AMERICAN-TRIBUNE

Like a lot of ceremonies throughout the city of Wagoner, veterans were honored last week for their service.

The ceremony at the St. John Hospice at 205 N. Lincoln in Wagoner was no different. A special certificate was presented to the staff to honor vets by Mayor Albert Jones.

Jones not only gave the certificate, but gave what those attending called an outstanding speech. The mayor thanked veterans and wove into the talk about his 2018 trip to the Normandy cemetery in France.

American Legion Post 153’s Art Corrales also spoke and thanked the vets in attendance.

After pins were placed on the veterans, the ceremony moved outside to where participants and attendees raised the American flag and gave the Pledge of Allegiance.

A cook-out followed the program.