American-Tribune (copy)

Three unidentified men tried to get a 911 dispatcher into their car as the Wagoner County employee was leaving for the day behind the courthouse on July 26.

At approximately 5 p.m., the worker was walking to her car after her shift near the storage building when the three men pulled up in the car.

She managed to escape the situation, but was unable to give any details on the license plate or a description of the would-be kidnappers.

That was the news during the announcement portion of the regular Monday meeting of the Wagoner County Board of Commissioners.

Judy Elliott, who is the 911 Coordinator, gave the details of the incident. Elliott added that a police report would be filed on Monday.

“This needs to wake us up,” said Elliott. “Every female needs to be aware of that…you need to be careful.”

Elliott said there were cameras in the area and caught the incident, but could not see the license plate. There were other cameras positioned in another location that will be looked at soon.

The Board also heard from Commissioner James Hanning. Hanning announced that the Corps of Engineers will block off the far east end of 71st Street at the Lock and Dam to vehicle traffic.

The plan is to allow people to walk around, but no vehicles. He said too many cars or trucks have used that part of the road for dumping and shooting.

The Corps asked the Commissioners for help in obtaining barricades that would be attached in some permanent way to block the road.