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More than two million dollars in scholarships and a host of honors were awarded to Wagoner High School seniors during the spring awards ceremony on May 19.

Emily Hankins and Caitlin Haws received the Valedictorian Awards for their grade point averages of 4.35. The Salutatorian Award went to Olivia Wiley with a GPA of 4.34.

Emily Hankins and Wyatt Chandler were named Outstanding Girl and Boy based on their academic performance, school service and all-around excellence. They each received a $250 scholarship.

Other awards presented include:

Top 10 Percent of Senior Class - Kali Lankford, Morgan Watson, Kathryn Roberts, Abigayle Carson, Wyatt Chandler, Alyssa Armstrong, Reagan Fulton, Nicole Harkreader, Taylor Dodson, Christopher Story, Michael Hall, Garrett Blair and Tyler Garcia.

Oklahoma Academic Scholars — Abigayle Carson, Grant Claunch, Raegan Fulton, Tyler Garcia, Michael Hall, Emily Hankins, Caitlin Haws, Wesley McKee, Mason Watson, Morgan Watson and Olivia Wiley.

National Honor Society - Hugo Angel, Todd Johnson, Alyssa Armstrong, Zaria Jones, Garrett Blair, Kameron Kimball, Shelby Blair, Caleb King, Jaden Bloxsom, Kali Lankford, Kane Bowman, William McNack, Jacob Cantrell, Shayona McNack, Abby Carson and Taylor Nail.

Others include Wyatt Chandler, Dzarya Penney, Seth Collier, Caleb Phelps, Brianna Cox, Jordan Presley, Zeyneycea Deffenbaugh, Olivia Riggs, Michelle Diaz, Kathryn Roberts, Taylor Dodson, Delaney Sloan, Eric Farbes, Kara Sowers and Reagan Fulton.

Additional honorees include Tatum Starr, Tyler Garcia, Chris Story, Michael Hall, Abby Swanson, Emily Hankins, Austin Twist, Jonathan Hanna, Mason Watson, Nicole Harkreader, Morgan Watson, Caitlin Haws, Olivia Wiley, Ashlyn Jenkins and Sierra Wooton.

Oklahoma Indian Student Honor Society - Kathryn Roberts, Emily Hankins and Tyler Garcia.

Masonic Lodge Student of Today - Alyssa Armstrong and Garrett Blair.

Army National Guard Awards - Jacob Parker and Seth Collier.

U.S. Army Award – Courtney Fieldson.

Chancellor Hans Brisch Scholar – Tyler Garcia. Garcia is one of only two seniors to be recognized with this award by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Selection is based on academics, outstanding leadership ability and community enhancement through high school and/or community programs or projects.

Garcia was honored for his efforts with Post-Up for ATV safety, promoting helmet safety among youth and his many leadership efforts. The honor comes with a $2,000 scholarship.

Gilmore Scholarships – Presented by the Wagoner Education Foundation, the Scottie Gilmore Scholarship was awarded to Kali Lankford and Olivia Wiley. The Freddie Gilmore Scholarship was awarded to Wyatt Chandler and Kane Bowman.

Rande Humphries Memorial Scholarship - Katy Roberts, Caleb King and Kane Bowman.

Wagoner Community Outreach Scholarships - Jaelynn Adams, Kerissa Seck and Shelby Nolan.

Wagoner Study Club Awards - Taylor Nail, Jack Aldridge and Katy Roberts.

Wagoner Elks Lodge Scholarship Recipients ($250 each) - Kameron Kimball, Emily Hankins, Kane Bowman and Sierra Burke. Hankins and Kimball were named as Elk’s Most Valuable Students and will each receive an additional $1,000 scholarship.

American Farmer’s and Rancher’s Association Scholarships - Olivia Wiley, Tyler Garcia and Kali Lankford.

National Wild Turkey Federation Award ($1,000) – Kali Lankford.

Starlight Home and Community Education Foundation Scholarship ($300) - Sierra Wootton.

Region 3 Oklahoma Coaches Association Athlete of the Year ($500) – Alyssa Armstrong.

American Electric Power Foundation Scholarship ($8,000) – Tyler Garcia.

Kansas State University Scholarship - Olivia Wiley.

Tulsa Community College - Tayte Morgan, $500 Book Scholarship.

Oklahoma State University Academic Opportunity Scholarship ($2,500 per year/4 years) - Jaden Bloxsom, Kane Bowman, Zyneycea Deffenbaugh, Zaria Jones, Kyra Lee, Tatum Starr and Sarah Orsburn.

Deffenbaugh will also receive an additional $4,000 Academic Opportunity Scholarship and the Cowboy Covenant Scholarship for $1,000 per year.

Bowman will also receive the $4,000 Hunter Stone Endowed Scholarship.

Jones has been accepted into the OSU School of Music as a jazz minor. She received academic scholarships, the Cowboy Covenant Scholarship and Pete’s Pledge Scholarship.

University of Oklahoma

Christopher Story receives the $2,000 First Year Engineering Award and an Academic Achievement Award for $8,000 over four years.

Grant Claunch has been awarded the National Merit Semifinalist Scholarship in the amount of $16,000.00 over four years.

Jacob Cantrell receives the $1,000 University of Oklahoma William Scott Scholarship.

University of Tulsa Academic Scholarships – Wyatt Chandler, $24,000 per year for four years ($96,000).

University of Central Oklahoma Freshmen Distinction Scholarships - Delaney Sloan and Todd Johnson.

Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships - Kameron Kimball and Tyler Garcia. Garcia has also signed with the UCO Broncho wrestling team.

$1,000 Counselor’s Day Scholarship – Todd Johnson.

Southwestern University in Kansas – Eric Farbes, $22,000 (per year) football scholarship.

Cowley College in Kansas – Trystian Shireman, wrestling scholarship and award to cover books/tuition.

Coffeyville (Kansas) Community College – Shelby Blair, soccer scholarship and $10,000 award to cover books/tuition.

Redlands Community College – Wyatt Burke, El Reno Masonic Lodge #501 $1,000 Redlands Aggie Endowed Scholarship and $2,400 (per semester/two years) Redlands Livestock Judging Team Scholarship.

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M

Brianna Cox, $2,500 soccer scholarship; Ashton Bartholomew, $14,400 football scholarship that covers tuition, room/ board and meals and Chris Coulter, $14,400 football scholarship that covers tuition, room/ board and meals.

Cheerleading Scholarships

William “Bubby” McNack, Northern Oklahoma College, $5,500 cheer scholarship and $850 NOC Freshman Regent’s Scholarship.

Olivia Riggs, Northeastern State University, $1,500 (per year) cheer scholarship and $500 JOM Creek Scholarship.

Do More For Kids Foundation Scholarship ($400) - Kerissa Seck.

Juvenile Programs Foundation Scholarship ($500) – Katy Roberts.

Vann Tae Kwon Do Perseverance Award – Caleb Phelps.

Wagoner County Cattleman’s Association Scholarships ($500) – Garrett Blair, Kerissa Seck, Wyatt Burke and Raegan Fulton.

Rotary Students of the Month - Emily Hankins and Wyatt Chandler, September; Alyssa Armstrong and Tyler Garcia, October; Olivia Wiley and Michael Hall, November; Katy Roberts and Garrett Blair, December; Abby Carson and Chris Story, January; Reagan Fulton and Grant Claunch, February; Nicole Harkreader and Jacob Cantrell, March; Kali Landford and Kane Bowman, April and Taylor Dodson and Kameron Kimball, May.

2018-19 Rotary Scholarships - Kali Lankford and Garrett Blair. An additional certificate went to Jacob Cantrell.

Outstanding Academic Scholarship ($500) - Abigayle Carson and Chris Story.

Mu Alpha Theta Members: Alyssa Armstrong, Garrett Blair, Abby Carson, Wyatt Chandler, Grant Claunch, Reagan Fulton, Michael Hall, Emily Hankins, Caitlin Haws, Kali Lankford, Katy Roberts, Chris Story, Mason Watson, Morgan Watson and Olivia Wiley.

Mu Alpha Scholarships ($500) – Chris Story (president), Garrett Blair (vice president) and Emily Hankins, Outstanding Student Scholarship.

“I Want Answers” $1,000 Scholarships - Jack Aldridge, Reagan Fulton, Mason Watson and Olivia Wiley.

2019 National Merit Semi-Finalist - Grant Claunch.

Student Council Officers — Executive President, Tatum Starr; Historian, Kameron Kimball; Senior Class President, Tyler Garcia; Senior Class Vice-President, Alyssa Armstrong; Senior Class Secretary, Olivia Wiley and Student Council Representatives Emily Hankins, Michelle Diaz.

Academic Awards

Advanced Placement Classes

AP Biology - Emily Hankins, Katy Roberts; AP Calculus - Abby Carson, Chris Story; Highest Average, Emily Hankins; AP Chemistry - Emily Hankins and Chris Story; AP Environmental Science - Garrett Blair; AP Government — Michael Hall and Kara Sowers; AP US History - Nicole Harkreader.

Agriculture Education — Garrett Blair, Wyatt Burke; Algebra II — Rylie Bayird, Brianna Carter and Amber Olson; Algebra III - Dacota Coward, Jacob English, Eric Farbes, Courtney Fieldson, Jordan Presley, Joseph Reves, Karissa Seck, Kara Sowers and Asher Statsman; Animal Science - Tate Brumnett; Computer Applications II - Roberto Nieto and Creative Writing - Brianna Carter and Jace Taylor.

English - Wesley Shearer and Morgan Watson; Exercise Science - Jae’Von Roberson; Forensic Science - Abby Carson and Morgan Watson; Geometry - Brysten Nowels; Outdoor Education - Jacob English; Physiology - Wyatt Chandler, Olivia Wiley and Plant & Soil Science - Kerissa Seck.

Spanish II - Kyra Lee, Jacob McElroy; Spanish III - Michelle Diaz, Tyler Garcia; Trigonometry - Jaden Bloxsom, Dzarya Penney and Tabiha Suarez; U.S. Government - Brianna Carter and Brianna Cox; Yearbook - Courtney Fieldson, Nellie Groom, Ashlyn Jenkins and Briar Todd.

SWAT Outstanding Leadership - Courtney Fieldson.

Highest Senior Score on ACT - Grant Claunch, Mason Watson and Olivia Wiley.

Academic Team All-State - Mason Watson, Olivia Wiley.

Academic Team Captain Award - Mason Watson.

First Place State Tournament Team - Jack Aldridge, Grant Claunch, Levi Rankins, Chris Story, Mason Watson and Olivia Wiley.

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