A piece of heavy equipment was driven through a garage door at the water treatment plant serving a rural Broken Arrow neighborhood. SUBMITTED

A water treatment plant that services the Renaissance Park neighborhood in the 3500 block of S. 201st E. Ave. of Broken Arrow sustained $100,000 in damages after two juvenile males wreaked havoc on the facility. The vandalism was reported on Sunday, Nov. 3.

Sergeant Jeff Halfacre with the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office said when deputies arrived on scene, they observed damage that included broken windows and door glass, surveillance cameras damaged and knocked off the building, computers destroyed and toilets damaged.

The suspects had spread paint around the interior of the facility, damaged garage doors and other items.

According to surveillance footage, the juveniles appeared to be approximately 9 or 10 years old and were shown throwing rocks at cameras and kicking in doors and windows. Halfacre said the footage showed a “very clear picture” of their faces and physical descriptions. Their identities were confirmed Monday by Broken Arrow school officials.

“The juvenile suspects admitted to causing all of the damage and admitted to additional crimes,” Halfacre reported in a release. “Charges have been submitted to the Wagoner county District Attorney’s office for their consideration.

“The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office is confident that justice will be accomplished for the victim.”

Sheriff Chris Elliott said this serious crime will not only cause a serious hardship to the property owner of the water treatment facility, but to entire neighborhoods.

“This is another instance where surveillance equipment on private property proves itself invaluable to not only the enforcement of law, but also for the ability take swift action against those who break the laws,” Elliott said.

The sheriff said he hopes these young juveniles will learn soon that a life of stealing, damaging or negatively affecting the property and safety of others for gain or enjoyment is no life at all.