American-Tribune (copy)

The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office has been awarded a $64,200 grant from Oklahoma Highway Safety Office in 2020, it was announced on Thursday.

This grant will be used for equipping vehicles with radars, hand-held radars, and funds used for overtime in highway safety enforcement.

Along with the radars, funds will be used for overtime for traffic safety. Wagoner County Deputies will focus on improving highway safety in Wagoner County to reduce vehicle collisions and fatalities.

The Sheriff’s Office will participate in “Click-it-or-Ticket” and associated programs to encourage the citizens to buckle up and slow down on our roadways. Additionally, deputies will be in the county work construction zones and high motor vehicle traffic neighborhoods to encourage drivers to slow down where pedestrians and children may be present.

“It is important that every driver using the roadways in our county drive responsibly. Sometimes we get in a hurry and speed as a result,” said Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott. “Typically, if you have contact with law enforcement the results are not favorable resulting in a citation or sometimes a motor vehicle collision.

“The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office understands the need for safe roadways for our loved ones and children. This Safety Grant should allow the Sheriff’s Office to dedicate more resources to help lower the number of motor vehicle accident injuries and fatalities.”