Wagoner quarterback Sawyer Jones faced a run-pass option on Thursday night.

Would Jones pass the salsa or make a run for more chips? That was the dilemma.

This wasn’t football, but the weekly get together for dinner among the Bulldog linemen and their quarterback.

When the next football game is played at the friendly confines of W.L. Odom Field, the line and QB eat at a local restaurant. When the game is on the road, the linemen (Jaydn Marshall, Collin Condict, Darius McNack, Logan Cole, Jamaal Riggs and Carson Wiley) go to Jones’ home for chow.

Why does Jones go to all this trouble?

“They protect me,” Jones said. “I’ve only been sacked once (thanks to the line).”

This is the first year for this QB-Line combo to break bread like this. However, it is not the first time a Wagoner quarterback has thanked the linemen with food.

Wagoner signal caller Taylor Bosco did the same thing for his linemen in 2011 when he took over the QB reins. The Bulldogs won the State championship that year and you won’t convince Bosco and his linemen that it wasn’t because of the weekly chow.

“I thought it would be a good idea. It gets us closer together,” Jones said. “Basically, we are like brothers.”

Jones is not complaining, but added with a smile, “I have two older sisters.”

The conversation may surprise you. It’s not always what happens on the turf.

“We socialize a lot,” Riggs said. “We talk about football sometimes.”

On this night, Marshall was unable to attend as he was watching a younger relative play football.

“It (the team chemistry) helps on Friday night,” Cole added.

“It’s fun to do and gets us a lot closer,” said Wiley. “It’s the camaraderie between quarterback and linemen without talking about football.”

Condict agreed and added, “It’s like brothers and brings us together. We have a stronger bond.”

Riggs said, “I’m grateful for what he’s done for us. He’s my brother and we have to protect him.”

McNack echoed Riggs and Condict. “It helps us get closer…like brothers.”

Very few “Xs” and “Os” are diagrammed, but talk about the latest iPhone or any other regular subject allows this protection for their quarterback to get stronger.