This is a rare, free scouting report offered to Wagoner basketball opponents: You better guard them all.

It’s simple, but true. Try to guard one player on the Bulldog team and you will pay dearly from the other four who can burn you quickly.

All through the season, Jacob Scroggins, Sawyer Jones and Caden Pawpa have led the team in scoring at one time or another. Against Jay on Feb. 7, Pawpa hit a career-high 24 points.

Also during the 72-52 win at Jay, everybody that suited up scored. Now, that’s balance and a big reason why coach Zack Ange’s team has won nine straight games as of Feb. 7.

“We knew we would have a good group of kids that play hard,” Ange said. “The kids are finding their role, fulfilling their role and doing it with no jealously.”

And, you don’t have to score to contribute to the team’s success.

Against Jay, Chase Nanni had two points and a game-high 13 rebounds. Jones got two points, but also did all the little things for success.

“On nights when somebody struggles, a lot of guys can score and do a bunch of little things,” Ange added. “They work hard and that makes it easy as a coach.”

Pawpa’s 24 led against Jay with 12 of those coming in the fourth quarter. Scroggins added 17 and 12 came in the first quarter.

Wagoner played Fort Gibson at home on Feb. 11 before taking on Catoosa at home on Monday, Feb. 17 and Okmulgee at home on Feb. 18.


Against Locust Grove on Feb. 4 (57-51 win): Jacob Scroggins 21, Sawyer Jones 15, Caden Pawpa 9, Chase Nanni 8, Bristo Love 2, Jack Southern 2.

Against Jay on Feb. 7 (72-52 win): Pawpa 24, Scroggins 17, Corbin Marsey 7, Bristo Love 6, Southern 6, Gabe Goodnight 5, Jones 2, Nanni 2, Derrick Teyon 2, Julian Smith 1.