Coweta Tigers

Coweta’s 2019 cross country season is underway, with a roster of dedicated student athletes battling late summer heat to post solid times on area courses.

On Friday, Sept. 6 the Tigers and Lady Tigers teamed up with the Tulsa Union XC program to host the Army National Guard Cross Country Meet at Camp Gruber in Braggs.

They opened their 2019 regular season competition at the Tahlequah “Early Tiger” Cross Country Invitational on Thursday, Aug. 29.

While comments from Head Coach Bob Clements were not available at press time, the following meet results have been posted.

Also competing at Camp Gruber were athletes with the Okay cross country team.


High School Girls

Coweta Lady Tigers, 2nd Place

Brelee Burcham, 22:25, 77th; Hailey Secrest, 22:51, 9th; Macey Brooks, 23:09, 10th; Riley Buthod, 24:37, 17th; Lilyan Winter, 24:44, 18th; Ryleigh Hale, 24:49, 19th; Angel Whisman, 24:56, 20th; Ava Doeksen, 25:28, 25th’ Aubree Cherry, 25:42, 26th; Stephany Cortes, 29:43, 49th; Adriana Rainbolt, 32:05, ,61st;

Okay Lady Mustangs — Bailey Williams, 36:32, 84th; Chelsie Arney, 37:12, 78th and Kelsie Arney, 37:32, 88th.

High School Boys

Coweta Tigers, 5th Place

Bo Owens, 20:10, 1st; Colin Neff, 20:11, 19th; Jaron Meadows, 20:34, 21st; Wyatt Fincher, 22:14, 42nd; Wyatt Boomershine, 22:15, 43rd; Layton Haught, 22:15, 44th; Kyle Newell, 22:30, 45th; Shane Borszich, 23:15, 63rd; Liam Taylor, 24:03, 76th; Parker Stephens, 25:02, 90th; Matthew Griebel, 25:20, 965th; Tristan Gillespie, 25:42, 98th; J.R. Singleton, 26:15, 103rd; Dalton Kincade, 26:16, 104th; Max Clark, 27:44, 115th; Wyatt Fankhauser, 30:38, 136th and Alik Zimin, 40:26, 153rd.

Junior High Girls

Sloat Junior High Lady Tigers, 1st Place

Jaidyn Wegener, 14:39, 1st; Maria Gallardo, 14:51, 2nd; Abigail Woolf, 15:01, 5th; McKayla Brooks, 16:39, 15th; Kate Little, 17:20, 17th; Aiyana Perkins, 17:38, 19th; Brynlee Curtis, 18:55, 36th; Leilany Rubio, 19:03, 38th; Sayde Griffith, 19:03, 39th; Alexis Miller, 19:25, 42nd; Jo Jo Doeksen, 19:39, 43rd; Kaylen Taylor, 20:14, 48th; Kealyn Morrison, 20:35, 50th; Nevaeh Pearce, 20:49, 53rd; Evelyn Zimin, 22:25, 65th; Bryce Allen, 24:13, 69th; Hallie Bernal, 24:42, 72nd; Alina Brilliant, 28:05, 80th and Jadyn McMahan, 28:21, 81st.

Okay Lady Mustangs — Alexandria Collins, 18:00, 26th and Taylor Howell, 21:49, 63rd.

Junior High Boys

Okay Mustangs, 5th Place

Ashton Walters, 13:16, 11th; Diezel Davis, 14:03, 21st; Chase Clark, 14:20, 25th; Tito Ramos, 15:48, 46th; Bryson Parnell, 16:04, 44th; Duckee Swimmer, 16:50, 50th; Trapper Walker, 16:51, 51st and Aven Sloat, 21:35, 100th.

Coweta Tigers, 7th Place

Aiden Rainbolt, 14:18, 25th; Conner Edmiston, 14:35, 29th; Sam Wood, 15:31, 43rd; Samuel Phillips, 15:49, 47th; Logan McKinney, 15:52, 48th; Tyler Bell, 18:24, 79th; Ian Morrison, 18:32, 83rd; Daniel Dill, 18:37 84th; Conor Taylor, 18:43, 85th Kolten Remmers, 18:56, 87th; Matthew Ellis, 20:34, 97th; Andrew Newell, 22:07, 101st; Kyler Clark, 22:08, 103rd; Dylan Zeimet, 26:07, 111th; Jordan Mills, 26:40, 112th; Gage Kincade, 28:15, 11eth and Donovan Duncan, 28:44, 114th.


Varsity Lady Tigers, 3rd Place

Brelee Burcham, 17:19.34, 13th; Hailey Secrest, 17:26.36, 14th; Alex Harper, 17:343.66, 15th; Macey Brooks, 17:43.34, 16th; Ryleigh Hale, 18:16.25, 21st; Aubrey Cherry, 18:42.99, 29th and Riley Buthod, 19:00.47, 34th.

Varsity Tigers, 5th Place

Roger Owens, 15:10.28, 33rd; Colin Neff, 15:29.60, 35th; Jaron Meadows, 15:48.23, 39th; Wyatt Fincher, 16:30.88, 46th; Wyatt Boomershine, 16:32.77, 48th; Layton Haught, 16:33.13, 49th and Kyle Newell, 16:57.22, 51st.

Junior Varsity Lady Tigers, 2nd Place

Anna Paterson, 18:12.35, 4th; Lilyan Winter, 18:19.54, 5th; Ava Doeksen, 18:26.48, 6th; Averi Spradlin, 18:40.37, 8th; Angel Whisman, 19:14.76, 11th; Stephanie Cortes, 22:19.53, 26th; Adriana Rainbolt, 22:37.54, 29th and Annie Keel, 25:57.09, 47th.

Junior Varsity Tigers, 4th Place

Shane Borszich, 17:22.67, 45th; Liam Taylor, 17:42.60, 49th; Matthew Griebel, 18:38.84, 56th; Tristan Gillespie, 18:56.89, 57th; Dalton Kincade, 19:01.31, 61st; Troy Schrauger, 19:20.71, 65th; Dakota Rivelli Corbett, 19:32.89, 68th; Max Clark, 19:39.42, 70th; Michael Singleton Jr., 20:10.63, 74th; Christian Fankhauser, 20:29.84, 76th; Conner Taylor, 21:53.82, 84th and Alik Zimin, 29:30.75, 96th.

Sloat Junior High Lady Tigers, 1st Place

Jaidyn Wegener, 9:26.36, 3rd; Maria Galliardo, 9:33.95, 5th; Abbie Woolf, 9:55.51, 15th; Mckayla Brooks, 10:19.46, 19th; Kate Little, 11:30.33, 35th; Alyana Perkins, 11:32.11, 36th; Alexis Miller, 12:13.57, 48th; Sayde Griffith, 12:21.69, 53rd; Kaylen Taylor, 12:22.08, 54th; Jocelyn Jo Jo Doekson, 12:24.58, 55th; Leilany Rubio, 12:26.11, 57th; Neveah Pearce, 12:42.77, 63rd; Kealyn Morrison, 13:09.53, 70th; Brynlee Curtis, 13:26.16, 74th; Evelyn Zimin, 14:45.95, 89th; Bryce Allen, 15:12.09, 93rd; Erin Dyer, 15:31.67, 97th; Anniston Rhodes, 15:38.28, 98th; Hallie Bernel, 15:58.93, 100th; Jayden McMahan, 17:30.63,, 106th; Madison Brown, 19:41.66, 110th and Alina Brillant, 21:01.35, 111th.

Sloat Junior High Tigers, 7th Place

Aiden Rainbolt, 9:15.22, 21st; Samuel Wood, 9:36.48, 35th; Sam Phillips, 9:37.78, 36th; Conner Edmiston, 9:39.01, 37th; Logan McKinney, 9:45.75, 42nd; Conor Taylor, 11:21.85, 99th; Kolton Remmers, 11:30.84, 103rd; Tyler Bell, 11:41.92, 105th; Camden Davis, 11:55.01, 112th; Ian Morrison, 12:01.65, 114th; Andrew Newell, 12:08.56, 116th; Daniel Dill, 12:12.21, 119th; Landon Caldwell, 12:21.98, 123rd; Matt Ellis, 12:50.57, 127th; Jordan Mills, 13:39.00, 132nd; Kyler Clark, 13:57.09, 135th; Dillon Zeiment, 15:58.07, 142nd; Gage Kincade, 16:29.01, 146th and Donovan Duncan, 17:13.71, 147th.