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Destini Parrish pitched some in 2018 and become Wagoner’s Designated Player in 2019. FILE PHOTO

One of the cool things about any youth sports is watching the development of players through a season.

Wagoner’s Lady Bulldog softball team has had many players show great improvement since they were freshmen, sophomores or juniors.

Destini Parrish is one such player for Wagoner.

Parrish is a sophomore and is the designated player on the team. It’s like the designated hitter in baseball. Parrish does have abilities outside of hitting, however.

Parrish has done some pitching in her past, too. She and teammate Kara Bruce will probably follow senior hurler Macy Robertson to the circle next season along with others who can throw.

The other interesting thing about Parrish is, she not only contributes, but is a switch hitter.

Parrish’s first time switch hitting was this season and was successful. She hit the ball well and drove in some runs. She doesn’t switch often as coach Brian Edwards waits for the right opponent for her to switch batter’s boxes.

That’s not all Parrish will do to help the team. She works on her hitting weakness of dropping her hands before swinging the bat.

She practices at home with a wiffle ball on a string to straighten out the problem. Once she feels confident of her swing, Parrish’s mom pitches to her on the smaller softball field next to the varsity diamond to work on it some more.

“I practice a lot on not dropping my hands,” Parrish said. “I think I’ve shown lots of improvement.”

Parrish practices pitching, too. She examines every detail of the grip and, again, works on it alone at her home.

Softball is not Parrish’s only sport. She plays basketball in the winter and throws the shot and discus for the track team in the spring.

Softball, however, is the sport she loves.

“I’d like to go to college and play softball,” Parrish added.

While winning the District title was not in the cards for the Bulldogs, the team improved throughout the season.

Wagoner had a 6-15 record through Sept. 28. The Lady Bulldogs played their last two regular season games of the season on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 against Inola and Locust Grove, respectively.

Making the playoffs for the Bulldogs would be determined by the final two games and announced online by Wednesday, Oct. 2.

Whatever happens, you can be sure Parrish will continue to try and make her game better for the team.