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Vann’s Taekwondo (404 W. Cherokee Suite E) hosted a belt test in which students earned rank advancements during a program on Sept. 22.

Belt tests consist of performing different types of kicks in series or combinations as well as blocks and hand strikes. Each belt advancement is a bettering of the student’s previous test and also a demonstration of their progress, not just physically, but socially, emotionally, and mentally.

Taekwondo is a year-round training system and some students have trained for a few months and others for a few years or even more.

The grand finale of any belt test is of course board breaking. Students use a variety of strikes and kicks to break boards which shows their growth in speed, power, control, and concentration.

The next belt test will be Dec. 14.

The following 10 participants are those who tested and their newly awarded ranks:

1. Karsyn Zehr received advanced white belt.

2. Molly Beach received advanced white belt.

3. Kiley Farmer received yellow belt.

4. Erik Carson received yellow belt.

5. Karl Moore received advanced yellow belt.

6. Brooks Ladd received blue belt.

7. Abagail Higginbottom received advanced blue belt.

8. Ace Jones received brown belt.

9. Matthew Higginbottom received advanced brown belt.

10. Wyatt Bowlin received advanced brown belt.