Championship plaques from the Verdigris Valley Conference Track Meet will find their way into the Wagoner High School trophy case after the Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs swept the competition to win conference titles when they hosted the meet Saturday, April 20 in Wagoner.

The Bulldogs scored an incredible 240 points, with the next closest team in second place with 88 points.

“It was unbelievable!” exclaimed Head Coach Leland Alexander after the meet. “They just performed today and everything is coming together for them. Both the boys and girls are running our fastest times when we’re supposed to. We’re starting to peak at the end of the season.”

As proud as Alexander is of his boys’ team, he admits he is even more impressed with how the girls performed.

“We ran the fastest times we’ve run,” he said. “The mile relay ran a 4:10, and that makes them the second fastest in the state. They are the fastest (relay) I’ve ever had in 13 years at Wagoner and 20 years in coaching.”

Going into the meet, Vinita’s mile relay was ranked fourth, and Alexander was excited to see how Dzarya Penney, Frankie Clark, Audrey Southern and Ashley Adair would do against that type of competition.

“We went out and beat them, running the second fastest time. We were only a second behind first place,” he noted.

The Lady Bulldogs’ 4x100 Meter Relay (Penney, Adair, Shayonna McNack and Trinity Kelley) ran its fastest time of the year (50.9) and the 4x800 Meter Relay (Jillian Strange, Raena Schaeffer, Abby Curry and Liz Cantrell) also ran well.

“I knew Vinita would be tough for us to beat. Going into the mile run, they were beating us by three points,” Alexander said. “I told Jillian, who was running a full meet with us for the first time, ‘We really kind of need your points to win.’ She got first in the mile, Liz got second and Raena got fourth. By doing that, it sealed the meet for us then they ran the mile relay.”

Alexander said for both the Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs, many athletes ran their fastest times of the year and youth athletes really stepped up in the throwing events.

Wagoner Track and Field will travel to Checotah for Regional action Saturday, April 17. Alexander said there is a good chance that many of the athletes will advance to State.

“We really have a chance in both boys and girls to be State champions and State runner-ups if we continue to run well and improve the way teams usually do,” he said. “We’ll be one of the teams in the mix, and one at the end that everyone will be looking at to see what’s going to happen.”

The following results have been posted from the Verdigris Valley Conference meet:


4x100 Meter Relay — Tyreek Atkins, Eric Farbes, Drew Presley and Schyler Adair, 44.60, 1st.

4x800 Meter Relay — Hugo Angel, Anthony Ripp, John Vunetich and Marquez Barnett, 8:48.65, 2nd.

110 Meter Hurdles — Anthony Fulton, 16.40, 2nd; Jordan Rollins, 17.07, 4th and Hunter Smith, 18.54, 6th.

3200 Meter Run — Joseph Miller, 9:42.13, 2nd; John Vunetich, 9:42.15, 3rd and Maverick Graves, 10:04.96, 4th.

4x200 Meter Relay — Tyreek Atkins, Eric Farbes, Drew Presley and Schyler Adair, 1:32.32, 1st.

800 Meter Run — Marquez Barnett, 2:12.02, 5th; Hugo Angel, 2:13.74, 6th and Ammon Schneider, 2:19.76, 9th.

100 Meter Dash — Eric Farbes, 11.74, 4th; Drew Presley, 11.84, 5th; Chochee Watson, 12.12, 10th.

400 Meter Dash — Isaac Smith, 53.22, 1st; Marquez Barnett, 54.25, 3rd and Anthony Ripp, 56.82, 7th.

300 Meter Hurdles — Ashton Bartholomew, 40.50, 1st; Anthony Fulton, 41.55, 3rd and Jordan Rollins, 45.31, 5th.

200 Meter Dash — Schyler Adair, 23.45, 2nd and Drew Presley, 24.78, 5th.

1600 Meter Run — John Vunetich, 5:01.77, 3rd; Joseph Miller, 5:14.57, 5th and Maverick Graves, 5:23.98, 7th.

4x400 Meter Relay — Ashton Bartholomew, Isaac Smith, Tyreek Atkins and Hugo Angel, 3:32.64, 1st.

High Jump — Ashton Bartholomew, 6’2”, 1st; Isaac Smith, 5’8”, 4th and Trey Bartholomew, 5’4”, 7th.

Pole Vault — David McGoy, 10’6”, 4th; Garrett Blair, 10’0”, 5th and Hayden Pate, 9’0”, 6th.

Long Jump — Ashton Bartholomew, 21’6.5”, 1st; Eric Farbes, 19’9.75”, 3rd and Bryan Trimble, 17’.5”, 9th.

Discus — Jesse Fair, 125’8”, 1st; Landon Bebee, 109’3”, 6th and Robert Peet, 107’4”, 7th.

Shot Put — Jesse Fair, 39’5”, 2nd; Lamarreon Clayton, 39’1”, 3rd and Nikko Jones, 36’10.5”, 6th.


4x100 Meter Relay — Ashley Adair, Shayonna McNack, Trinity Kelley and Dzarya Penney, 50.96, 1st.

4x800 Meter Relay — Jillian Strange, Raena Schaefer, Abby Curry and Elizabeth Cantrell, 10:56.29, 2nd.

100 Meter Hurdles — Kara Bruce, 18.65, 6th and Shameria Virgil, 20.36, 8th. Also competing was Sierra Wooten.

4x200 Meter Relay — Ashley Adair, Shayonna McNack, Audrey Southern and Dzarya Penney, 1:47.24, 1st.

800 Meter Run — Jillian Strange, 2:32.08, 2nd; Raena Schaefer, 2:45.87, 7th and Abby Curry, 2:49.63, 8th.

100 Meter Dash — Dzarya Penney, 12.81, 1st; Trinity Kelly, 13.98, 8th and Jacie Edwards, 14.63, 19th.

3200 Meter Run — Jillian Strange, 13:08.94, 1st and Emily Morris, 17:05.19, 6th.

400 Meter Dash — Ashley Adair, 1:01.06, 1st; Frankie Clark, 1:05.75, 5th and Kaycee Griffith, 1:20.17, 15th.

1600 Meter Run — Jillian Strange, 6:11.74, 1st; Elizabeth Cantrell, 6:14.43, 2nd and Raena Schaefer, 6:27.44, 4th.

300 Meter Hurdles — Kara Bruce, 55.94, 4th and Sierra Wooten, 1:01.55, 6th.

200 Meter Dash — Shayonna McNack, 28.38, 2nd; Audrey Southern, 28.58, 3rd and Frankie Clark, 30.78, 12th.

4x400 Meter Relay — Dzarya Penney, Frankie Clark, Audrey Southern and Ashley Adair, 4:10.62, 1st.

Pole Vault — Elizabeth Cantrell, 7’0”, 3rd.

Long Jump — Shayonna McNack, 14’10.5”, 5th; Kara Bruce, 13’10.75”, 7th and Mini Edwards, 12’5”, 10th.

Shot Put — Dahsauni Lyday, 42’7.5”, 1st; Tiana Roberson, 32’9”, 5th and Destini Parris, 23’8.5”, 12th.


4x100 Meter Relay — Gabe Rodriguez, Levi Gentry, Hunter Nail and Braylan Roberson, 49.25, 2nd.

4x800 Meter Relay — James Coward, Trey Wood, Ethan Muehlenweg and Richie Wiley, 9:57.71, 2nd.

110 Meter Hurdles — Lamarion Burton, 19:58, 6th.

4x200 Meter Relay — Gabe Rodriguez, Levi Gentry, Hunter Nail and Braylan Roberson, 1:45.24, 4th.

800 Meter Run — Richie Wiley, 2:22.96, 3rd; Ethan Muehlenweg, 2:29.67, 5th and James Coward, 2:31.64, 8th.

100 Meter Dash — Braylen Roberson, 12.50, 2nd; Levi Gentry, 12.73, 4th and Hunter Nail, 13.31, 8th.

400 Meter Dash — Richie Wiley, 59.64, 4th and Trey Wood, 1:04.39, 9th.

300 Meter Hurdles — Lamarion Burton, 47.26, 4th.

200 Meter Dash — Chevy Gentry, 27.74, 5th.

1600 Meter Run — James Coward, 5:46.40, 3rd and Ethan Muehlenweg, 5:55.61, 4th.

4x400 Meter Relay — Gabe Rodriguez, Richie Wiley, Trey Wood and Braylan Roberson, 4:00.85, 4th.

High Jump — Lamarion Burton, 5’2”, 2nd.

Pole Vault — Ethan Muehlenweg, 7’0”, 2nd.

Long Jump — Lamarion Burton, 15’6”, 2nd and Gabe Rodriguez, 14’1”, 7th.

Discus — Braden Massey, 102’1.5”, 6th and Daquan Watson, 92’2”, 11th.

Shot Put — Braden Massey, 36’6.5”, 7th and Hunter Nail, 33’6”, 12th.


4x100 Meter Relay — Abby Humphries, Bethanny Moore, Alexis Sosa and Alyssa Langston, 56.69, 3rd.

4x800 Meter Relay — Serenity Eaton, Abby Warner, Kiah Bobo and Daisy Diaz, 12:31.24, 5th.

100 Meter Hurdles — Alyssa Langston, 18.89, 4th; Maggie Brumnett, 20.67, 8th and Abby Warner, 23.39, 11th.

4x200 Meter Relay — Abby Humphries, Bethanny Moore, Alexis Sosa and Alyssa Langston, 1:59.59, 3rd.

800 Meter Run — Kiah Bobo, 2:45.09, 1st and Serenity Eaton, 2:50.88, 4th.

100 Meter Dash — Alexis Sosa, 14.83, 7th.

400 Meter Dash — Daisy Diaz, 1:12.25, 10th and Abby Humphries, 1:12.95, 11th.

300 Meter Hurdles — Alyssa Langston, 54.28, 4th; Maggie Brumnett, 59:52, 6th and Abby Warner, 1:10.36, 11th.

200 Meter Dash — Bethanny Moore, 32.72, 11th.

1600 Meter Run — Serinity Eaton, 6:29.02, 3rd and Kiah Bobo, 6:46.09, 4th.

4x400 Meter Relay — Alexis Sosa, Maggie Brumnett, Abby Warner and Bethanny Moore, 5:10.90, 6th.

Long Jump - Abby Humphries, 13’9”, 2nd.

Discus - Torri Tottress, 71’7”, 4th; Chandle Dimick, 61’3”, 8th and McKenna Turney, 52’1”, 14th.

Shot Put - McKenna Turney, 24’11”, 4th and Chandle Dimick, 20’0”, 16th.


4x100 Meter Relay — Shaun Atkins, Harley Baker, Jaden Kinyon and Witt Edwards, 51.94, 2nd.

110 Meter Hurdles — Daquan Watson, 22.67, 8th.

4x200 Meter Relay — Shaun Atkins, Harley Baker, Jaden Kinyon and Witt Edwards, 1:51.76, 2nd.

100 Meter Dash - Harley Baker, 13.79, 6th and Witt Edwards, 13.89, 10th.

400 Meter Dash - Jaden Kinyon, 1:03.78, 1st.

200 Meter Dash - Witt Edwards, 29.83, 8th.

High Jump - Daquan Watson, 4’4”, 2nd.

Long Jump - Jaden Kinyon, 15’3”, 2nd and Daquan Watson, 10’8”, 8th.


4x100 Meter Relay - Brooklyn Austin, Isabella McLemore, Gracie Appleton and Cambri Pawpa, 55.30, 1st.

4x800 Meter Relay - Ayda Harris, Torri Collis, Tatum Johnson and Rosalia Valdelamar, 13:03.47, 2nd.

100 Meter Hurdles - Jenna McKinney, 20.55, 7th and Tori Collis, 22.66, 13th.

4x200 Meter Relay - Amiya Barnett, Ayda Harris, Gracie Appleton and Cambri Pawpa, 1:59.55, 1st.

100 Meter Dash - Cambri Pawpa, 13.96, 2nd; Brooklyn Austin, 15.24, 8th and Rosalia Valdelamar, 15.58, 13th.

400 Meter Dash - Ayda Harris, 1:11.72, 3rd and Gracie Appleton, 1:16.02, 7th.

300 Meter Hurdles - Isabella McLemore, 55.92, 2nd; Randi Fulton, 1:01.63, 6th; Tatum Johnson, 1:02.23, 7th and Tori Collis, 1:02.85, 10th.

200 Meter Dash - Amiya Barnett, 31.61, 6th; Brooklyn Austin, 32.48, 10th and Halle Sampson, 33.50, 13th.

4x400 Meter Relay - Ayda Harris, Torri Collis, Tatum Johnson and Rosalia Valdelamar, no time given, 4th.

Long Jump - Amiya Barnett, 12’10”, 4th and Halle Sampson, 11’10”, 6th.

Discus - Jada Riggs, 53’8”, 7th; Johnna Grantham, 52’5”, 9th and Kennadie Steele, 50’4”, 12th.

Shot Put - Jada Riggs, 53’8”, 7th; Johnna Grantham, 52’5”, 9th and Kennadie Steele, 50’4”, 12th.

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