Porter vs. Mounds football game Aug. 30 (copy)

The Porter Pirates take the field in the 2019 opener. JOHN FERGUSON/AMERICAN-TRIBUNE

The first decade of the 2000’s was the best for big-time football offenses at Porter High School.

The top five scoring offenses in school history in terms of raw numbers came from 2005-09. The 2007 team averaged 44.9 points a game to take the top spot and even made it to the playoffs.

The top defense has to go back almost 100 years to the 1924 squad that held opponents to 7.3 points a contest.

However, the best of all-time, by the numbers, is the 2009 squad that went 11-1. This Pirate club had the best blend of high-powered scoring (second best in school history at 44.5) and the fifth best defense at 11.0.

Ron Coppedge, who coached the Pirates from 2009-13, gave Porter another top mark that year in total wins at 11. No other Pirate team has won more than nine games other than the 2009 club. Coppedge did not have a better team, either, at Porter than the 2009 one as four losing seasons followed.

Teams from 2007 and 2008 could have challenged or even surpassed the 2009 club had it not been for some tough playoff losses. The 2007 team lost a first-round playoff in three overtimes while the 2008 squad lost a first-round battle in four overtimes.

This comparison is based only on raw numbers. A team’s dedication to excellence and overall grit were not used in this example.