On the basketball court, the Coweta Tropics 6th grade team is a force to be reckoned with. In their third year as a team, they are off to a 2-0 start and look to make the playoffs for the first time after finishing seventh their first year and third last season.

But to Head Coach Hunter Ginn and assistant coaches Kent Graham and Sam Bressler, the girls are winners off the court as well.

Last week the young hoopsters donated nearly 400 items to the outdoor community food pantry in Coweta’s downtown Broadway district. The pantry serves residents who need a little help with their food needs throughout the year.

Giving back to others is nothing new to the Tropics.

“Last year before Christmas break, we challenged the girls to collect 50 cans to donate to the community food pantry. If they did, we would skip our Thursday practice and have a fun practice instead that included many games of knockout and eating pizza,” Ginn explained.

And meet the goal they did. The girls shattered that goal and collected 204 items for the pantry.

This year, team coaches started the canned food drive at the beginning of the season and immediately set a goal of 200 items since they had hit the mark before.

“Our girls once again went above and beyond, collecting 385 items! Ginn exclaimed. “After the party this year, we left as a team for the food pantry and the girls stuffed every item into it, one by one, in below freezing weather until the pantry was full.”

“They are an amazing group of girls, and we can’t thank the parents enough for bringing up such well behaved ladies,” the coach continued. “Whether we make the playoffs or not, finish this season together as champions or not, these girls will always be our superstars. We’re going to miss them next year!”

The girls will be trying out to compete with the Sloat Junior High team next winter.

“If you are ever out and about on a Saturday, come to the gym and cheer them on,” Ginn invited.

Comprising this giving group of young athletes are Kayleigh, Caylee, Sophie, Corra, Kennedy, Asani, Laci, Lana, Ryan and Natalee.