Tulsa Ballet's wardrode department will begin Monday turning remnants of cloth into face masks for health care workers.

The idea came from a Thursday Facebook post from the Stillwater Medical Center asking for seamstresses to sew cloth medical masks. These masks will not be worn by medical professionals in direct contact with COVID-19 patients, stating that, "This will allow us to save our N95 masks & other PPE for Healthcare Workers."

The Stillwater hospital provided a link to a pattern for the adjustable masks that Tulsa Ballet's wardrobe department will use to sew the masks to specifications. New Director of Costumes Shawn Sturdevant said, "We are happy to have the opportunity to support the healthcare community during this emergency situation."

The Tulsa Ballet wardrobe staff will begin production on the masks Monday, and the company is reaching out to area hospitals to arrange donations.

James D. Watts Jr.



Twitter: watzworld