There are about as many claims as to where that all-American staple, the hamburger, was invented as there are sesame seeds on a burger’s bun.

Claims range from Louis’ Lunch in Connecticut, which still serves its vertically grilled burgers between slices of toast, to Tulsa’s own Weber’s, which attests that patties of grilled ground beef were served on buns for the first time by founder Oscar Weber Bilby in 1891.

However, it was some time later before this culinary creation reached its apex — when some guy at the grill slapped a slab of American cheese on top of a sizzling patty, and the cheeseburger was born.

Sept. 18 is, so we’re told, National Cheeseburger Day. And while a great many fine establishments around town will be happy to serve you a sandwich slathered in gourmet sauces and outré toppings, for this celebration we’re sticking to the basic, old-fashioned cheeseburger.