Editor's Note: The print version of this story incorrectly stated the relationship between Coney Island Hot Weiners and Coney I-Lander. It has been corrected.

National Chili Dog Day in the United States is July 27. But really, isn’t just about any day a great day to celebrate with a hot dog in a steamed bun, topped with savory chili, finely shredded cheese and a touch of onion?

After all, Oklahomans apparently spend a good portion of our disposable income on foods such as hot dogs. According to the financial website 247wallst.com, Oklahoma ranks fifth in the nation in the amount spent per capita on hot dogs and hamburgers.

Here are five local favorites.

Coney Island Hot Weiners

107 N. Boulder Ave.

The original shop has moved around the downtown area several times since it first opened in 1926, but this is still the best place for what has become the iconic Tulsa dog — even People magazine calls it the best dog in the state.

Jim’s Coney Island — Never on Sunday

1923 S. Harvard Ave.

This long-lived restaurant is known for such Greek specialties as gyros, souvlaki and stuffed grape leaves, but it also serves up a tasty chili dog that can be topped with such things as pickle relish and jalapeños.

The Gnarley Dawg

6011 S. Mingo Road

The Gnarley Dawg is known for some extreme combinations of hot dog toppings (Cream cheese and lettuce? Macaroni and cheese?), but it also serves up an excellent chili dog, featuring its signature homemade chili.

Carl’s Coneys

4285 Southwest Blvd.

This west Tulsa landmark has been serving tasty dogs for more than three decades. Those with a sweet tooth might enjoy the “Elvis dog” — a banana in a Twinkie, topped with a peanut butter drizzle, powdered sugar and nuts.


303 W. Ferry St., Salina

This is probably the only dog on this list that requires the use of a knife and fork. So much chili, cheese and onions is loaded onto a grilled dog, to make for a deliciously gooey, savory eating experience.

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