The mission is one that any tightwad would be hungry to embrace: Here’s $20. Go out to eat as many times as you can. And see how far you can stretch that $20.

Challenge accepted, but there needed to be some ground rules:

1. Meals must be purchased at restaurants or fast food outlets. Going to supermarkets and stocking up on groceries is forbidden. Otherwise, someone who accepted the mission could eat $20 worth of peanut butter sandwiches to infinity and beyond.

2. No meal can cost more than $3. Sure, there are great $5 burger specials around town, but a $5 burger also would chew up 25% of the budget. We’ll “splurge” another day.

3. Taxes and tips don’t count against the $20 limit. Some people tip at Sonic (even at the drive-through window) and some don’t. Rather than get caught up in some sort of debate about that, let’s stick to the mission and menu prices only.

How many meals can a person get for $20? With resourcefulness and coupon/email/app deals, you might be surprised.

Scene Writer

Jimmie is a pop culture and feature writer at the Tulsa World. A former Oklahoma sports writer of the year, he has written books about former Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer and former Oklahoma State football coach Pat Jones. Phone: 918-581-8389