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Stand-up comedian and podcast (The Koy Pond) host Jo Koy is bringing his Just Kidding World Tour to The Joint for a Saturday performance at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa.

Before seeing Koy, you can check out his Netflix specials (the newest is “Comin’ In Hot”) and you can learn a bit more about what to expect at The Joint courtesy of this “three questions” exchange with the Tulsa World.

What are a couple of things you have fun talking about during your current tour?

“I still love talking about my son. He’s now 16 so it’s easy to pull material from him. I now talk about the differences from when I was 16 to him being 16.”

You generated laughs in past shows by putting your spin on stories about family members. Should family members always be aware that whatever they are doing might be harvested for stand-up material?

“Always. They need be on high alert. Anything they do or say just might turn into a five-minute routine.”

People probably dwell too much on folks who aggravate them instead of giving credit to those who make them laugh. What’s your best story from making someone laugh?

“I had fans of mine tell me they watched my stand-up special during their father’s wake because he was such a huge fan and would also come out to my shows. He loved to laugh and they knew that was what he would have wanted.”

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