Matt Damon

Ulli Schoenknech (right) was at Modella Art Gallery when she recognized Matt Damon this summer. He is starring in a new movie that has begun filming in Oklahoma.

Courtesy/Modella Art Gallery

Extras are needed Saturday, Nov. 9, and Monday, Nov. 11, for the Matt Damon-starring movie "Stillwater," according to a state film-casting company.

The filming will take place in the Stillwater area, with a call time as early as 6:30 a.m. on these days, according to a post on the Freihofer Casting Facebook page.

The casting call is based on those hoping to participate emailing their information to

Additional information includes:

* Pay is $64 for up to eight hours. Anything over eight hours will incur overtime.

* "Stillwater" stars Damon and Abigail Breslin, and it is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Tom McCarthy ("Spotlight"), and it is about a father who travels from Oklahoma to France to help his daughter, who has been arrested for murder.

* All extras must be Oklahoma residents, and the following is a breakdown of extras for Saturday, November 9. All extras for this day MUST be over the age of 18.

— Churchgoers: Males and females, 50s-80s. They attend a bible study meeting at a small church in a small Oklahoma town. Real couples would be great. We will ask these people to use their cars in the film for an additional $25. Please include a photo, year, make and model, of your vehicle. Older cars and trucks are a plus. We prefer no red, white, black or brightly-colored vehicles.

— Monica: Female, 40-55. She is a member of the church congregation.

— On-air news reporters: Males and females, 30-45. Clean professional look.

— News camera operators: Males or females. People with news camera experience preferred. Please list your experience in your submission.

— Electric linemen: Males or females. Actual electrical linesmen preferred. Please list your experience.

— Construction workers: Males, rugged. Caucasian, Hispanic, African American. They work to clean up after a devastating event in a small town.

— Devastated residents: Males and females. These people have had a tragic event in their neighborhood. These are lower middle-class people in a small neighborhood who might have lost everything.

— Older couples: Males and females, actual couples, aged 60-plus. Please send photos of the two of you together. They are middle to lower middle-class.

— Volunteers: Males and females, 25-60, any ethnicity. These are people that look like they cannot do heavy lifting, but they are there to support the ones that do. They hand out water, hand out sandwiches, and do what they can to support the people that are working hard.

— Guy with trailer grill: Male, any ethnicity. He has brought his giant grill on a trailer and cooks a large amount of hamburgers and hotdogs for the rescue volunteers. Please show a photo of you with your grill and the vehicle you will bring to haul it. There is a $25 bump for using the vehicle and grill.

More information about how to submit your casting information via email, and for a breakdown of extras needed for Monday, Nov. 11, is available at the Freihofer Casting Facebook page.