Once Upon A Farm

Actress and Once Upon a Farm co-founder Jennifer Garner visits Amber Waves Farm in Amagansett, New York, for a Once Upon a Farm event. Garner’s mother, Patricia English, grew up in Locust Grove. A family farm near Locust Grove will be used for Garner’s Once Upon a Farm baby food products. Matteo Prandoni/BFA.com

If it’s Jennifer Garner versus an automated turnpike toll booth, pretty much everyone is on the actor’s side, right?

Garner, whose mother grew up in Locust Grove, has reason to revisit the area from time to time because of family roots and because a family farm is being used as part of her Once Upon A Farm venture. In 2018, the Tulsa World wrote about Once Upon a Farm and Garner's connection to Locust Grove.

A recent Garner sighting was verified when the actor took a Sept. 27 selfie with Kerri-Bailey Fricke in Kansas, Okla. (area folks call the town Little Kansas). Bailey-Fricke posted the photo to Facebook with the hashtag #starstruck.

Social media blew over the next few days when Garner posted video of an encounter with the automated pay toll system at one of Oklahoma’s turnpikes.

“Apologies to cars stacked behind me at the OK/AR toll booth last night. Real world problems are hard. #thirteenquarters #thanksforyourpatience.

Wearing overalls (perfect for Once Upon a Farm duty?) and shown in the driver’s seat of a vehicle, Garner is shown in the 32-second video trying to come up with enough coins to “feed” the unmanned toll booth. After feeding the pay machine, the light did not change from red to green and she had to dig for additional payment.

Among sound bites: “Lord have mercy.” “Is this everything? Hang on.” “Darn it.”

And, finally: “Gracious. I’m all flustered. Oklahoma!”

The video was shared more than 5,000 times on Facebook and generated more than 2,000 comments. Instagram data shows that the video has been played 1.5 million times with more than 5,000 comments.

Most of the comments were been there, done that or supportive. A sampling:

Matt Peel: “We feel your pain. One thing I can say, of all the times I have had to get out and look under my seat for an extra nickle or two, not once has anyone ever honked at me for holding up the line.”

Jennifer Delaney: “Welcome to Oklahoma! The struggle is real girl!”

Allie Pritchett: “Hey Jennifer, we’ve all been there. Coming from someone who literally had to write a check at the toll booth once.”

And, said one commenter on Instagram: “If I put in the correct amount and it doesn’t change the light green, I’m not throwing anymore in. ... I go. They don’t use the money properly anyways here in Oklahoma.”

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