Did you know that Blake Edwards, the filmmaker who made all of the "Pink Panther" movies and married Julie Andrews, was born in Tulsa?

Or that Norman's Eric Heisserer wrote "Arrival," one of the smartest science-fiction movies in recent years?

The talents of Oklahomans on film have been responsible for many of your favorite movies, for box-office hits and for Academy Award winners.

A bunch of very cool trivia about movies made by Oklahomans and films about the state is collected here to create the Ultimate Oklahoma Movie Quiz.

Have fun, try your hardest and don't peek at the answers. When you're done with these 25 questions, see how well you did.

Consider this your grading scale:

0-5 correct: Y'all ain't from around these parts

6-10: In danger of having your "I'm an Okie" card revoked

11-15: You know things — like Bill Hader's TV work, but not his films — and you should keep learning

16-20: You're doing fine, Oklahoma! Better than OK

21-25: You should be a consultant on OKPOP, the being-built-in-Tulsa Oklahoma Museum of Popular Culture