Scott Kinney, a Rogers High School graduate whose career includes a collaborative project with “Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill, has added a new venture to his plate: It was announced that he will serve as producer of a motion picture based on The Game Chasers’ popular YouTube channel.

Initial funding for the feature was successfully raised on Kickstarter and is in pre-production with a planned three-week September shoot in Dallas.

The Game Chasers YouTube channel is in its eighth season and features characters best known by their gaming “code names” or aliases. The principles — “Billy” (Billy Hudson) and “Jay” (Jay Hatfield) — are joined by a rotating cast of characters, such as “Melvor,” “Dodongo,” “8 Bit Eric” and “Cousin Chris,” as they road trip in search of retro video games.

In contrast to some broadcast reality shows, the Game Chasers do not arrange their “picks” in advance. They instead rely on chance and embrace the element of surprise.

“I’ve been religiously following The Game Chasers channel since their second season because I’m a collector myself and I appreciate the authenticity of their show,” Kinney said in a news release.

“Sometimes, the Chasers find nothing they’re looking for in an episode, but the guys still find a way to make the hunt entertaining and funny.”

Kinney is working with director and co-star Hudson on the script.

“It’s basically a Game Chasers origin story, which is kinda ‘American Pickers’ meets ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ with video games and tons of 1980s nostalgia,” Kinney said.

A prominent collector of toys, comic books and ephemera from the Generation X era, Kinney previously co-created a streaming series (“Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest”) about collecting with fellow series originators Hamill, “Return of the Jedi” producer Howard Kazanjian and producer Darren Moorman (“Run the Race.”).

Hamill was a serious collector of “nerdstalgia” before the hobby went mainstream. He began collecting comic books and lunch boxes prior to being cast as Luke Skywalker.

In keeping with the spirit of The Game Chasers roots, the micro-budgeted motion picture will be cast with prolific YouTubers who are basically playing themselves, or at least their online personas. The film’s “MacGuffin” is a game console that was a childhood Christmas gift from Billy’s late grandfather and was lost years ago. The theme focuses on the power of nostalgia and how it can reconnect us with family and friends from times past.

The Game Chasers series is a cult favorite among gamers and has attracted more than 125,000 subscribers.

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