Myracle Holloway

Former Tulsa resident Myracle Holloway is competing on NBC's "The Voice." Justin Lubin/NBC

It was mentioned during the current season of NBC’s “The Voice” that contestant Myracle Holloway is a former resident of Tulsa.

Fill in the blanks?

Holloway is from Los Angeles and that’s where she returned.

But, in between, she had two stints in Tulsa.

In 2015, Holloway moved here to go to Victory Bible College. Of all the cities on the map, why Tulsa?

“I did some research and I have a friend who is from Tulsa and they recommended that school to me,” Holloway said, adding that she spent about a year here and then moved back a second time with the intent of finishing school.

Holloway hasn’t completed course work (music is the priority now), but Tulsa wound up being the right place, right time. She was in Tulsa when she got the call to audition for the voice.

“I just felt like it was really divine for me to be in Tulsa,” she said. “I thought I was out there for one reason, but it was set up for me for another reason because the first initial audition was in Missouri, so I was able to drive to the audition. I really believe if I wasn’t at that particular audition at that time, auditioning for those particular people, this opportunity would not have happened for me.”

Holloway said the call came from out of the blue. She said a casting agency found her on Instagram. Her resume includes a song that she said went viral on Facebook. “Hello, God It’s Me” amassed millions of views. She said it was a rewrite of Adele’s “Hello.”

Holloway said she doesn’t rewrite other peoples’ songs, but she heard the Adele song one day and decided this: “God, what if I wrote a song to you asking about purpose and destiny?” She said the song has been used in suicide prevention.

While going to school in Tulsa, Holloway said she worked for Alorica.

What does she miss most about Tulsa? “I really loved the church (Transformation Church) that I was going to out there. I also miss the fact that Tulsa is a ... lot more laid back than LA. It’s a lot slower and I kind of like that sometimes.”

According to bio information, Holloway, 44, knew she was destined to sing after joining a children’s choir at age 7. She started singing competitively, was discovered after high school by Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind & Fire and was invited to join his tour.

The bio said early success looked promising, but Holloway was secretly dealing with emotional trauma from past abuse. These issues led to depression and misuse of substances, which pushed her to take a break and seek therapy.

Through worship, Holloway began her recovery journey and later moved to Tulsa. She auditioned for “The Voice” to give her music career a second chance.

When she was asked to try out for “The Voice,” she was tempted to say “no” because she had been down the reality show audition road before.

“But there was just something inside,” she said. “My intuition said, you know what, Myracle give it one more try. And I’m so glad that listened.”

Holloway sang Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” during blind auditions. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton wanted her for their teams. Stefani was Holloway’s choice.

How does he feel? “I feel great. I feel blessed. I feel grateful. I feel honored. I feel like it’s my time and it’s my season and I’m just seizing the moment.”

Another participant with area ties, Owasso’s Gracee Shriver, chose Kelly Clarkson over Stefani.

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