Doesn’t everyone deal with turbulence in their lives?

If you fly with Weston Horn & The Hush, the goal is to transport you away from turbulence.

Weston Horn & The Hush isn’t an airline. It’s a local band that wants to provide you with escapism while also promoting a new album.

A release show for the new album (“Volume II: Don’t Give Up”) will take place Saturday, Aug. 17, inside an air-conditioned hangar at Richard Lloyd Jones Airport, 8605 S. Elwood Ave.

Bartenders and ticket-takers will be decked out in retro air hostess outfits. Peanuts, anyone? Horn said someone will push a peanut cart around to pass out peanut packets to “passengers.” A stewardess-hosted “safety” video, filmed Wednesday inside a retired aircraft at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum, will precede the show.

The new release isn’t an aviation-themed album (you can read more about it later). Why is the album release show aviation-themed? Because the band likes to pull out all the stops for momentous events.

The theme was “old Hollywood” at a past album release show. Attendees were treated to a faux red carpet experience with “reporters” asking about their attire.

“We did that and everybody loved it and we are like, we’ve got to up the game,” Horn said. “This time, we are trying to create a new atmosphere that is completely different.”

So get your boarding pass and get away from it all without leaving home.

Said Horn: “Mat (Donaldson) and I started this band just to be able to pull people out of their lives for just a minute, to be able to pull people away from their stressers, to be able to help people forget about their family issues and their drama and their financial issues. So when we do shows like this, that’s what it is for is to make people forget about that for a night.”

Donaldson, standing nearby, said, “There are a lot of places where people can go to hear great music, but we want to make it a great experience where they can kind of forget about their life for a little bit and all the problems outside and really just drop all that and be part of an environment that is positive and feel-good kind of stuff.”

Tickets ($25 nets a concert, an album and other perks) for the release show are almost sold out, according to Horn. For tickets, go to the Weston Horn & The Hush Facebook page. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., and the show will begin between 7:15 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Asked about the new album, Horn said he wrote the group’s first album almost exclusively by himself.

“This album is the first album that we released where it was this band all together,” he said. “We knew what we were as a band, and we wrote it together and we recorded it together down in Louisiana at Dockside Studio.”

Horn said he is incredibly proud of the band’s first album. “But this album, I think, is five steps above that. It’s really, really special.”

Possible problem: As the band continues to release albums, it may be difficult to keep topping themes at previous release shows.

“That’s the idea,” Horn said. “We are hoping that this is the last album release party we handle and then, after that, it’s Bruno Mars’ people. They just take it from there.”

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