“Ruined My Rhythm” is a graphic novel set in Tulsa. Life imitates art: The release party also will take place in Tulsa.

A release party for volume four of “Ruined My Rhythm” is scheduled for 7 p.m. Friday, Dec. 6, at Circle Cinema, 10 S. Lewis Ave. Admission is free.

Written by Tulsa’s Robert Soul and illustrated by teen artist Luna Cooper, “Ruined My Rhythm” tells the story of Maria Sanchez, a homeless teen who comes to Tulsa in search of her father.

Volume four is the closing installment in the series. A news release announcing the release party said the story culminates with a scene in front of Circle Cinema. Maria must choose between her newfound friends and a ride to California in a continued search for her father.

A snarky, intelligent outsider, Maria is described as a hard, edgy and tough combination of Lisbeth Salander (the angry, volatile main character in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”) and cynical, witty coming-of-age Enid Coleslaw from Daniel Clowes’ Ghost World. After stealing from foster parents, Maria takes a bus to Tulsa in hopes of locating her father and meets interesting people who attempt to be a part of her world.

Because “Ruined My Rhythm” is set in Tulsa and addresses subjects like grief, suicide, alcoholism and teen homelessness, backpacks and swag items will be presented to Youth Services of Tulsa participants at the release party. Four bonus pages have been added to volume four and will address the issue of suicide awareness and how we can all help.

Previous volumes of “Ruined My Rhythm” are filled with illustrations of Tulsa landmarks and businesses.

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