State Farm/Tyler McCall of Tulsa with Ken Jeong

State Farm Insurance agent Tyler McCall (left), whose office is in Tulsa, was selected for a new national ad campaign for State Farm and appears in a commercial with comedian and actor Ken Jeong. Courtesy/State Farm Insurance

Tyler McCall is best-known as a Tulsa insurance agent, but he can also call himself an actor now that he’s co-starring in a State Farm Insurance commercial with comedian Ken Jeong.

The ad, which is now airing on TV and can be seen on a variety of social media options, finds State Farm agent McCall in the company’s newest national advertising campaign.

“It’s amazing how many people are involved in the process of filming a 30-second commercial,” McCall said. “It was an honor to be chosen to represent State Farm and see how the process takes place.”

In the commercial, which is part of State Farm’s “Hidden Talents” campaign, Jeong (“The Hangover”) is wearing a white coat and explains that, in addition to his comedic talents, he’s also a former practicing physician.

Meanwhile, McCall explains that State Farm, known for auto and home insurance, can also help with life insurance — before Jeong interrupts to ask McCall about his unusual X-ray.

McCall’s State Farm office is at 8931 S. Yale Ave.

Michael Smith


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