The Exchange Center at the Tulsa State Fair is a great spot for made-in-Oklahoma shopping.

Inside, you’ll find many vendors who offer free samples. Free is a great price. But keep in mind that people at those vendor booths are trying to make a living, so let’s call this a try-before-you-buy situation instead of a free-for-all.

You can find salsas, dips, jerky and other items you may want to test drive and purchase. We auditioned some of them for you.

Salsa, Sixth Day Snacks

Salsa might be the most common sampler item inside the Exchange Center. We didn’t audition the salsa at every booth, but it sounds like a worthwhile mission.

Sixth Day Snacks sells mild, medium, hot and extra hot varieties of salsa. Medium is the bestseller, but we tried the hot and it pushed the right buttons — plenty of heat, but still comfortable. You get a chip with the sample.

Creamed Honey, Roark Acres Honey Farms

Honey is great, of course. But if you want to boldly go to new sweet spots, sample different flavors of creamed honey. Among choices: Raspberry, blackberry (our choice), strawberry, original, cinnamon, peanut butter, jalapeno, spiced apple and pumpkin spice.

Creamed honey is made with real fruit and spices and it’s recommended for use on toast, waffles, biscuits and apples as well as being a possible substitute for jelly on a PB&J sandwich. Or you can add it to tea or coffee.

Yogurt, Southwest Dairy Farmers

Free yogurt packages are available for fairgoers, courtesy of the Southwest Dairy Farmers.

There’s no catch. You just walk up and pick out the flavor you like best. Products are provided by Dannon.

Cobbler from Cobbler Mom

If you take a bite of cobbler, you’ll know that Cobbler Mom has exactly the right name.

We tried the peach cobbler — and now we want the whole cobbler. If you want to find Cobbler Mom when she’s not at the fair, you can go to her Facebook page and see where to find her.

Nitro Ice Cream

Created with the help of nitrogen, this cold, creamy bit of goodness may remind you of some of the best homemade ice cream you have ever eaten. Or maybe it’s even better than that. You can get a cone or cup for $5, but bigger sizes and sundaes are available for an additional charge.

We left the fair wanting to put Nitro Ice Cream on top of a Cobbler Mom cobbler.

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