Who makes your favorite burger?

How about your favorite place to go for entertainment or to sip a cold brew?

We invite you to vote for your favorite places to eat, drink, shop, play, learn and more in Tulsa World’s Best in the World contest. It all takes place online at tulsaworld.com/bestintheworld.

Choose the best businesses in the greater Tulsa area in 11 categories, from Beauty & Wellness and Food & Drink to Transportation.

Each category has multiple subcategories for a total of 140 types of businesses. We’ve seeded the ballot with last year’s winners and finalists. If you don’t see your favorite business on the ballot, feel free to write in the name of any business you believe to be the best at what it does in any subcategory. Once a business gets 10 nominations, it’s added to the ballot. Nominations end at 11:59 p.m. Monday, July 22, and every nomination counts as a vote.

Voting continues through Sunday, Aug. 4.

Each email address may vote once per subcategory every hour throughout the contest, so be sure to keep coming back. The more votes a business receives, the greater its chances to be named “Best in the World.”

Voters will be entered to win two tickets to “Les Miserables” and a $100 VISA gift card, brought to you by Celebrity Attractions.

Go make your votes count!

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