The Tulsa State Fair has no shortage of what it likes to call “Deep Fried Awesome” — its term for all the unique foods that one might encounter while strolling around the expanse that is Expo Square.

And each year, some vendors come up with new creations for fairgoers, which can range from relatively recognizable treats like a banana nut sundae to more bizarre items like deep-fried red velvet Oreos.

We sent an intrepid team of eaters to the Tulsa State Fair on opening day to try some of the new food creations that are being offered. Here’s what we tried and what we thought.


O’Neil Amusements — Independent Midway West 45

This was surprisingly good. Chunks of tender and juicy white-meat chicken along with battered-and-fried cheese curds are stuffed into a flour tortilla and deep-fried, then topped with a cole slaw mix and a drizzle of buffalo hot sauce. There’s just enough heat from the sauce to work with the crunch of the tortilla and the gooey bits of cheese.


Back Street BBQ Burgers, Esplanade 11W

Three chunks of alligator meat (we’re assuming from the tail) and two slices of bacon alternating on a skewer are then coated in a cornmeal batter and deep-fried. And it is actually delicious. The alligator tastes a bit like slightly chewy scallops, and the seasoning in the crust gives everything a peppery, salty punch. The bacon can get a bit over-done, but even at $12 a skewer, this is something we’d have again.


Hardenbrook’s Concessions — Independent Midway West 39

Take a basic hot dog. Die it — inexplicably — with red food coloring. Dip it into corn-dog batter and fry it. Then smear on some Mexican crema, dump on a handful of chopped bell peppers and cilantro, sprinkle it with a little chile-lime salt, and you have a Baja Dog. The fact that ours was served cold did it no favors, but even if it had been piping hot it really wasn’t all that memorable.


Concessions Inc. – Esplanade 9E

All hands on deck for this shockingly tasty sweet treat, for in the heat it starts to melt before you decide you like it. Green-tinged, slightly tangy vanilla and pickle-flavored soft serve is swirled high into a dill-coated waffle cone. A baby dill is included in case you forgot you were eating pickle ice cream.


Hardenbrook’s Concessions – Exchange Center 94 & 95, River Spirit Expo Upper Level 497 & 498 and Lower Level 24 & 25

Two Washington red apples, are sliced into wedges and drizzled with caramel and topped with whipped cream and chocolate whipped cream. We chose sprinkles and chopped nuts as a topping – others include M&Ms and crushed Oreo cookies. If caramel apples are your thing, this is a great way to share the flavors without passing around an apple on a stick.


Dippin’ Dots — Exchange Center 126 & 127, plus River Spirit Expo Upper Level 483 & Independent Midway West 42.

Nachos have evolved into a dessert item. Dotchos are a Dippin’ Dots version of nachos. The chips are wafers placed in a bowl. Choose a flavor of Dippin’ Dots ice cream (our selection: banana split) to pile on top of the wafers. Then Dotchos are drizzled with a topping. After you finish dipping “chips” nacho-style into the ice cream, you can take a victory lap and finish the tasty leftovers with a spoon.


Tortilla 911 — Independent Midway West 18

Deep fried tacos are deep fried tortillas that, after being cooked, are filled with meat, cheese and lettuce. An order includes two tacos. A sweet red pepper sauce is among three sauce choices. Two-thirds of our tasting crew preferred the hot sauce over the other choices. Speaking of hot, you shouldn’t have any problem finding this vendor because the concession vehicle looks like a fire truck.


Drink a Fruit from the Fruit — South of Exchange Center

Hollowed-out fruit shells are the “cups” for these drinks. You select the fruit and the shells are filled with a blended mixture of ice and fruit. The opening-night choice was pineapple. The drink was frothy, sweet and refreshing and it was consumed through a thicker-than-usual straw. These are served with little drink umbrellas, which seems perfect. If you come back for a refill, you get a discount, so save your shell.


Hardenbrook’s Concession’s Specialty Corndogs – Independent Midway West 39

Unexpectedly, this was one of the favorites, like a cross between fried pickles and a corn dog. It’s enormous, so consider sharing. A hot dog is stuffed into a hollowed out dill pickle, then dipped in corndog batter and fried. Since it is so large, the extra time needed to cook it through yielded a super crispy crust, perfect for smearing in yellow mustard.


Freddie’s Mega Stand – River Spirit Expo Upper Level 490

It’s hard to go wrong with fried pork skins and hot cheese. This was a remarkably light way to ease into the rest of our tasting adventure. Fried to order crackling pork skins are dusted with a zesty seasoning blend and ladled with nacho cheese. Although some of the skins were hard to bite through, we kept eating them.


Karen’s Concessions — Independent Midway West 23 & River Spirit Expo Upper Level 463 & 464.

Just about every other food item is served on a stick at the fair. Why not steak? Ribbon steak is thin steak “ribboned” on a skewer and it’s crowned with a Hawaiian roll. This is meant for the carnivore crowd, like a shish kabob without those pesky vegetables. If you want to go full-bore meat and taters, you can order a basket for an extra cost and get ribbon fries and a drink.


The Original Minneapple Pie – Independent Midway West 29

If walking around the Midway while trying to eat a regular gyro sandwich seems daunting, this handy snack, filled with a mixture of sautéed tomato, onion, and gyro meat, as well as a feisty feta cheese spread was delicious and much easier to eat. Make sure to dip it in the garlicky cucumber-yogurt sauce served on the side.