Ree Drummond, also known as Pioneer Woman, laughs as she talks with employee, Karen Crawford and her husband Ladd Drummond at the grand opening The Pioneer Woman Mercantile in 2016. JESSIE WARDARSKI/Tulsa World

The latest report on the 100 largest landowners in the country is out from The Land Report magazine.

The Drummond family ranked 23rd on the list with 433,000 acres. The family includes Ladd Drummond, husband of Ree who is known to the world as the Pioneer Woman. 

The report says Drummond Land & Cattle Co. helped write ranching history in Oklahoma.

Frederick Drummond (1864–1913) came from Scotland and married Kansas native Addie Gentner. Together their three sons became successful cattle ranchers in Oklahoma and Kansas.

Here is the top 25 list. See the whole list.

1. John Malone

2. Ted Turner (down 43,000 acres)

3. Emmerson Family (up 35,000 acres)

4. Stan Kroenke (up 522,000 acres)

5. Reed Family

6. Irving Family (down 4,000 acres)

7. Singleton Family

8. Brad Kelley (down 500,000 acres)

9. King Ranch Heirs

10. Pingree Heirs

11. Wilks Brothers (up 172,000 acres)

12. Briscoe Family (up 80,000 acres)

13. Ford Family

14. Lykes Heirs

15. O’Connor Heirs (up 80,000 acres)

16. Martin Family 

17. D.R. Horton (up 131,195 acres)

18. Stimson Family 

19. Westervelt Heirs 

20. Simplot Family

21. Fisher Family 

22. Philip Anschutz

23. Drummond Family

24. McDonald Family 

25. Jeff Bezos (up 110,000 acres)