Some Oklahoma educators are turning to blogs and social media to discuss problems with the nearly $47 million budget cut to state education.

Katelyn Caudle, an English teacher from Mustang Public Schools, posted to her blog Friday. The post "Dear Mr./Mrs. Politician" has been shared more than 7,000 times on Facebook and has had more than 40,000 views. 

Read an excerpt below, and read the full post here.

You break my heart 128 times every day. Every time I see one of my kids denied something by you, my heart breaks. The irony here is that you are denying them something that you were allowed to take advantage of, and has no doubt helped you achieve the position you are in today. As American citizens, we all have a right to a good, free, public education. Public education needs funds in order to continue to be good. We are growing by thousands of kids each year in Oklahoma Public Ed, but we are continuing to see the funds for these students cut.