Tax cuts may not be the issue of the moment in Oklahoma these days, but on Tuesday, in a corner of a south Tulsa hotel parking lot, they were given the full attention of several dozen interested parties.

The Job Creators Network, an organization formed by Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus, parked its bus outside Crowne Plaza Hotel, 7902 S. Lewis Ave., and put on a short rally in favor of federal income tax cuts for small businesses.

Specifically, the Job Creators Network wants the tax rate for so-called “pass-through” companies used by small businesses chopped by more than half to 15 percent.

The definition of “small business” is nebulous, but one federal standard is an employer with fewer than 500 workers.

JCN President Alfredo Ortiz said the intent is to help out smaller businesses without the money or expertise to navigate the tax code as successfully as larger ones.

“A lot of large businesses get fantastic tax breaks,” Ortiz said. “Why not help out small businesses?

“They’re the ones with the least resources to fight these fights.”

Joining Ortiz were Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs President Jonathan Small, local political activist Ronda Vuillemont-Smith and small-business owner Tom Culver.

OCPA, Americans for Prosperity and Project 912 sponsored the event along with the Job Creators Network.

Ortiz told his audience, which consisted largely of people coming from a Republican Women’s Club of Tulsa County meeting in the hotel, that small business is key to stimulating economic growth.

And taxes and regulation, he said, are strangling those same small businesses.

The tour began Tuesday in Oklahoma City and continues through Thursday with stops in Kentucky and Virginia before arriving in Washington.

Randy Krehbiel


Twitter: @rkrehbiel