Even if she were running against a better incumbent than Sean Roberts, Louise Redcorn would be a powerful candidate for the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Redcorn has a smart agenda for positive change in the state. She backs fiscal stability, adequate funding of public schools, improvements to the state’s health and mental health systems and smart-on-crime reforms to reduce the state’s overwhelming prison population.

It’s a platform full of intelligent, Republican values that we believe reflects the thinking of the people of District 36, which includes much of eastern and central Osage County.

We have known Redcorn for a long time. She came to Oklahoma after marrying Raymond Redcorn, who is now assistant principal chief of the Osage Nation, and worked as a reporter for the Tulsa World for about a year. She left the World to become the publisher of The Bigheart Times, for 13 years. In that role, she got to know the needs of the people of the area and to observe how Roberts dealt with them.

Redcorn is running a positive campaign, so she won’t say it, but we will: Roberts is one of the worst legislators in the Capitol. He is inaccessible, proposes legislation in opposition to his constituents’ best interests and has consistently voted against adequate funding of education.

This year, he voted against the Step Up Oklahoma plan and House Bill 1010xx, the two strongest efforts to fund teacher pay raises. While other lawmakers, including many conservative Republicans, made the difficult votes, Roberts sided with the special interests who think they can run state government from behind the scenes.

Roberts is routinely missing in action when his constituents look for his help. He even outsourced media calls to an Arizona outfit.

After this spring’s teacher strike, teachers, parents and school patrons swore there would be political repercussions for the enemies of education — that we would remember in November. But in Roberts’ case, November will be too late. With no Democrats in the race, the winner of the Aug. 28 runoff between Roberts and Redcorn will win the District 36 seat.

Louise Redcorn is the name to remember. She represents a new wave of Republican leadership that can correct the state’s course and build a brighter future for the state.