Grocery stores and big box stores have been limited in supply, due in part to the rush of shoppers wanting to stock up amid coronavirus concerns.

Farmers markets have been shuttered across the state, but local farmers and ranchers have products that have to be sold now, including produce, dairy, meat and other products. Nate Beaulac of Prairie Creek Farms said he has seen a complete turnaround of his business over the past week or so.

“We all went from feeling terrible because all of these farms lost their restaurant accounts to thrilled that they were still able to sell in some capacity,” Beaulac said. “Now, we’ve all had to pivot on a dime to change our business model overnight to accommodate all of the orders and delivery.”

Prairie Creek Farms and many other local farms and ranches are pushing products via retail avenues, and some are finding all of the increase in business hard to sustain. It is a necessity, however, to help get food to people who need it.

Here are a few local sources to buy from, but check their websites and social media regularly because some things may become scarce or unavailable over the next week or so.

Prairie Creek Farms is known for selling pork, chicken and beef, raised sustainably on its 80-acre farm. Now, it has teamed up with several other local farms, offering their products through the Prairie Creek Farms online store.

New vendors include Swan Bros. Dairy, Emre Natural Foods, Alimade Bone Broth, Dale and Daughters, Grand Cattle Co., Roark Acres Honey, Knight Creek Farms, and Native Land and Bison. Beaulac said the list will change over time as new vendors are added going forward, so visit the website for the latest details.

Prairie Creek Farms


Order online only for delivery. Farm pick-up available from 4-7 p.m. Mondays. Orders must be placed online by noon Sunday.

Knight Creek Farms


Time to perfect that pecan pie before next Thanksgiving. Knight Creek Farms will ship home-grown pecans straight to your door. Free shipping nationwide on orders of $49 or more.

Out West Farms


Out West Farms is a family-run business in Cleveland, Oklahoma, that is raising and selling natural, grass-fed beef and pasture-raised pork. The farm has a lot to offer and is working to keep up with inventory and orders, thus some of the specials have to be altered a bit due to inventory. Order online for meat bundles and individual items including pork, beef, poultry, lamb and eggs.

Grassroots Ranch


Grassroots Ranch in Porter believes in raising its livestock in a low-stress environment and practicing sustainable farming methods. For example, its foraging hens eat the bugs that are bad for cows, so they don’t have to spray pesticides.

Tulsa Farmers’ Market vendors


The Tulsa Farmers’ Market may have suspended market days for the season, but many of the vendors are still selling products at different locations around the city. Visit the Tulsa Farmers’ Market website for a list of vendors and how to contact them. Many farmers are still deciding how they will be conducting business without a farmers market so the list may grow or change. If you have questions regarding a specific vendor, contact the market staff at

Local Farm OK

Local Farm OK is a home-delivery service that features super fresh aeroponically-grown produce, as well as other locally sourced products. The farm sources thousands of heads of bibb, romaine, arugula, kale and chard grown in a local greenhouse. Through its partnerships with other farmers and local food artisans, Local Farm OK is able to bring a variety of all-natural produce, farm-raised meats, dairy, eggs and artisanal food items directly to your doorstep. It is adding new vendors daily. Deliveries start at $19.99 per week. Visit its website, register, choose what delivery you would like, customize your order with any additional products and sit at home, waiting for your weekly or bi-weekly delivery to arrive.

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