Overheard during a visit to a new downtown Tulsa business: “What’s a Sasquatch taste like?”

The answer is available at Bulletproof Nutrition.

Sasquatch is the name of a protein shake, and it’s one of the most popular drinks at Bulletproof Nutrition, which will launch a three-day grand opening period beginning Tuesday, June 4.

Located at 511 S. Boston in the Philcade Building, Bulletproof Nutrition offers drinks intended as meals and, thanks to visuals, visitors will immediately notice the business has a theme.

There’s a life-size LEGO superhero figure with a Tulsa Pop Kids symbol on its chest. Employees wear superhero aprons. Autographed celebrity photos hang on the walls. A block of glowing green “kryptonite” sits just inside the door. And energy drinks on the menu are named after comic book characters: Black Widow, Thor, Green Lantern, the Wasp, Supergirl, Shazam, Superman. (If what you’re looking for isn’t on wall menu, ask for the secret “villain menu.”)

Joel David Wiland, partner/owner of Bulletproof Nutrition, said he is a huge Superman fan. He wore Superman socks and a shirt with a Superman silhouette to a pre-grand opening interview. Superman is bullet-proof. And that partially explains how Bulletproof Nutrition got its name.

“When we were coming up with the name, Bulletproof Coffee has been around, so why don’t we come up with something that people are familiar with that has nothing to do with that other than we are just huge comic book nerds?” Wiland said. “So it’s like, let’s have kind of a comic book theme.”

There’s a comic book donation box in Bulletproof Nutrition. Comic books collected there will be earmarked for Tulsa Pop Kids, a charitable organization that has staged comic book drives with the goal of boosting literacy.

“Tulsa Pop Kids is proud to make Bulletproof Nutrition our first official permanent comic book drop-off,” said Pamela Washbourne of Tulsa Pop Kids. “When you stop to drop off your donation, you can also see some of the wonderful signed memorabilia from Brandon Routh to Zach Callison, as well as our superhero Tulsa Pop Kids Lego Man mascot.”

Routh and Callison were among celebrity guests at the 2018 Tulsa Pop Culture Expo, an annual pop culture convention that is allied with Tulsa Pop Kids.

As the owner of an established business (J. David Jewelry), Wiland said he understands how important it is to give back to the community. He wanted Bulletproof Nutrition to tie in with a local charity. The choice was easy because of a pre-existing relationship with Tulsa Pop Kids.

“It’s a great program because a lot of kids they don’t like to read, but if you give them something you enjoy, you can’t keep them from reading,” Wiland said. “That’s kind of the focus of Tulsa Pop Kids is getting them engaged in something they love.”

Said Washbourne: “We are excited to team up with this amazing group of people to bring healthy drinks and snacks while incorporating our mission to advance literacy and education through pop culture and entertainment.”

Bulletproof Nutrition offers three kinds of drinks — protein shakes, energy drinks and iced coffees.

Wiland said the protein shakes are sugar-free, but they taste like a shake from an ice cream store.

“When people say, ‘Oh, it’s a protein shake,’ that doesn’t sound good,” he said. “But when it tastes like a Braum’s milk shake, you can’t tell the difference.”

Wiland said there are 22 vitamins and minerals in each shake, and there are hundreds of different flavor combinations. Among menu choices: wedding cake, cookie dough, strawberry banana, banana nut bread, chunky monkey, peanut butter cup, snickers, thin mints and double chocolate.

In another market, the energy drinks at Bulletproof Nutrition might be referred to as teas. In Oklahoma, they are energy drinks, and they have enough vitamins that you aren’t just getting hyped up on caffeine, according to Wiland. He recommends them if you need energy to get through the rest of the day but you want to avoid the shakes or jitters that might accompany another type of energy drink.

Wiland said Bulletproof Nutrition’s iced coffees contain protein that give them nutritional value. He said he hopes there is something for everyone and is excited about Bulletproof Nutrition’s location (formerly the site of a Chick-fil-A to-go delivery point).

“There are 40,000 people that work downtown,” he said. “They are busy, whether it’s getting to work or they’ve got a lunch break and they don’t have much time. They can’t get in a car and drive somewhere, so what can I grab that is quick, but it will also give me what I need to get me through the rest of the day?”

Wiland is partial to the Sasquatch. Ingredients include peanut cookie, cookies and cream, dulce de leche, butterscotch, pecans, oats, PB2 and chocolate chips.

“I like that one because every so often you get tired of drinking your food,” he said. “You actually have to chew the Sasquatch.”

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