American Solera plans to move its brewing facility from its current location at 1801 S. 49th West Ave. to what is known as the Bendmaster building at 1702 E. Sixth St.

This will bring to three the number of breweries within a one-block area, and a distillery that also produces cider and mead is across Seventh Street.

“One of the biggest things that we are excited about moving to Sixth and Utica is the relationship we are going to develop with OK Distilling, Cabin Boys (Brewery) and Marshall (Brewing Co.),” said Chase Healey, founder and brewmaster of American Solera.

“We are all friends now, but we are so close to each other, and they are going to grow, and the ideas are going to turn into beers — it’s going to turn into events; it is going to turn into a lot of fun.”

“What I hope that we can achieve in the next six to eight months is just really getting to be a part of that — the vibe and the energy and everything that is going to come with all three of us working together to spread that message of craft beer here in Tulsa,” Healey said.

The Bendmaster building has numerous windows and plenty of interior space for brewing equipment and a taproom.

“To look out the window here and see the skyline of downtown — people can feel a greater sense of place when they are enjoying our products versus a metal shop building in west Tulsa,” he said.

Healey started the brewery after selling Prairie Artisan Ales to the Krebs Beer Co. in Krebs.

American Solera was named the second Best New Brewery in the World for 2016 and Best New Brewery in the United States for 2016 by RateBeer.

American Solera will also keep its 18th Street and Boston Avenue brewery, called SoBo, while opening a new taproom inside the new brewery.

American Solera specializes in the oak barrel aging process. Most of its beers are aged for six to 18 months before bottling — much longer than most other beers. Typically beers are brewed and served within three or four weeks of fermentation.

Tom Gilbert


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