Craft beer consumption is growing in Oklahoma and there are numerous beers to try. With all the new and old breweries I thought I would sit down with a brewer from each brewery and ask them about one beer.  I plan on featuring this once a week, hence the name "Beer of the Week".

This feature will be in video form, with a quick interview of the brewer talking about one particular beer, about the style, the name, and the taste and anything else they want to add.

First up is co-brewer Jake Miller of Heirloom Rustic Ales, 2113 E. Admiral Blvd. He will describe Drude Ceremony.

Other beers of the week:

Oklahoma, even with its crazy growth, is a long way away from being close to the rest of the country in breweries per capita.

With more than 7,000 breweries operating in the U.S. in 2018, there are another 1,000 expected to open in 2019. Craft breweries are in growth mode.

C + R research recently did a deep analysis of the U.S. craft beer industry by analyzing the following trends:

The most popular states for craft beer (measured by breweries per capita of adults over 21+)

Economic impact per capita (Colorado and Vermont top the nation's list in terms of craft beer’s impact on state economies at $764 per person and $681 per person respectively).

Brewery growth nationwide (Since 2007 the number of craft breweries nationwide has jumped from 1,511 to over 7,000).

The states where craft beer has grown the most since 2015 (New Jersey, Kentucky, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Virginia, and New Hampshire topped the list). Oklahoma has grown 39 percent since 2015.

The full analysis can be seen here.

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