Tulsa-based OK Distilling Co. is expanding its market and capacity by opening a new brewery in Oklahoma City.

OK Distilling, 1724 E. Seventh St., will be opening the brewing facility and taproom, Terroir Brewing & Agriculture, near First Street and Western Avenue. It will be near the Stonecloud Brewing Co., 1012 NW First St. in Oklahoma City.

“We’ve kind of reached our capacity here in Tulsa as far as production, so we’re expanding out to Oklahoma City. We will expand production as well as spend a little bit more time in the OKC area. One of the fun parts about moving to Oklahoma City or moving part of our operations for expansion there will be putting in a restaurant as well as a small three-barrel brewing system. The brewing company will be called Terroir based on the land ... as in wine. We’re doing our own malting of our own grains and that will be available in our cidery taproom here in Tulsa. We will be sending cider and mead back and forth and we will also have a little tasting room for our spirits in Oklahoma City as well,” said founder and owner Hunter Stone Gambill.

The area they are expanding to has been growing steadily in the last few years. Stonecloud Brewing Co. moved into the completely redone Sunshine Laundry building near First Street and Classen Boulevard. There are also plans for a large venue and more restaurants in the area.

Gambill isn’t a stranger to the Oklahoma City area. He grew up there and married a woman from Tulsa.

“I love both communities, and there’s a lot of similarities but there’s also a lot of differences, and I’m already spending a lot of time going out to Oklahoma City for events,” he said.

Oklahoma City isn’t the only place that OK Distilling plans on having a presence. Gambill plans on putting more taprooms as well as other projects around Tulsa, but those details aren’t finalized yet.

“We’re actually going to expand our footprint in Tulsa not only in this building but also elsewhere,” Gambill said.

Gambill loves to experiment and likes to keep every step of his experiments in his control. He knows the background of the ingredients that he uses in his spirits, meads and now beers.

“We’re going to have more specialty stuff that we’re able to kind of funnel through the taprooms and do a little bit more experimentation. The same thing with the cider and the mead; by having more taprooms and really focusing on a taproom experience. We will be able to be more experimental and ship things between several locations,” he said.

Gambill started OK Distilling producing spirits but has opened other companies called Angry Bear Mead, and Local Cider and now Terroir Brewing & Agriculture.

“A passion of mine for a long time has been brewing beer. I’m not looking to do a distribution brewery or anything like that. Just being able to offer that in our taproom here. But also we have to brew beer to make whiskey anyway so we’ve already been using our own grain and we’ve already been working on doing malting,” he said.

“For me, I love the experimental side of a lot of the new breweries but I also grew up in a world of cooking and so one of the things I’m doing is helping Foolish Things open a third concept, it’s called High Dive just over on Third and Trenton. My input on that has been the culinary side, doing Korean street food.

He said he has also been working on a concept with Enterprise Grain out in Enid called grain-to-glass.

“So one of the things we’re looking at doing is putting in our own acreage to do hops. It’s not that I don’t love German-style beer, Belgian-style beer or east coast IPAs or west coast IPAs. The thing is, there are already great Oklahoma breweries doing those things ... it is really how do I put my own footprint on it? How do I make it my own?”

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